Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

Dr. Seuss Green Eggs & Ham

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Cool classic!

My first Dr. Seuss book ever. I am certain that when I have a kid, this will be his (or her) first book. I'm pretty sure I was really into the whole "bring your favorite book to life" thing when I was a kid, because I distinctly remember squirting an entire tube of food coloring on my eggs to make them green. I don't think I ever had ham growing up, but boy, did I want to. :) Would I recommend this to a friend? Hell to the yiss........

I love how Dr. Suess books make reading fun. This definitely is a better read than the old Dick and Jane readers. It answers the question parents ask their children, "how do you know you don't like th taste of some food if you have never tried it.

I cannot wait until my child can read this! Such a great book!

SO much fun to read. I loved it when I was little and my kids love it. It works like a charm if you need to convince a picky eater to try something, thank you to Dr. Suess for that!!

this is one of my favorite children's books.


Great read! Lots of fun with the kids. You can turn this into a great adventure with lots of hands on activities to go along with the book too. We re-read this book over and over in a house full of six kids.

Another must have family classic.

CLassic book to rad. I read this to my daughter so much when she was little. Green Eggs and Ham!! :)

This is my absolute favorite Dr. Seuss book! I do storytelling for children. I read to children at the public library and in their school classrooms, preschool and K -2 for outreach programs. I can always draw the kids together with this book. I get very dramatic when I state that "I DO NOT LIKE GREEN EGGS AND HAM". I made up hand gestures to go with parts of the book. When I read "I do not like them here", I point at someone in the crowd. Then I point at someone totally different when I say "I do not like them there". Together we all exclaim "I do NOT like them anywhere". It is just such a wonderful book for children to participate with the storyteller on. I love the simple rhyming in this book. There aren't any hard words for the children. Everyone knows what a box and a fox is. Everyone (for the most part) eats ham and eggs. It's easy for the children to join in as they can remember the simple rhymes. At the end of the story, it is so much fun to make green eggs and ham to eat.

I loved this book I was a little girl! Dr. Suess has great stories and rhyming! Now that I've got a child of my own she loves when I read this book to her! It's one of her favorites!

Another great story by Dr. Seuss. I remember reading this when I was little and now to share it with my kids, it's so nice.

This was my favorite when i was little. I still remember reading it in Kindergarten and our teacher made us green eggs and ham. My son just received this book and I am excited as is he to make green eggs and ham!

We love green eggs and ham! While its been a while since we read it. I will be putting it on the top of the book stack tonight to read with my daughter. Since she is progressing in her reading skills she will probably read it to me this time. This is one of her favorite books and we always love the charm of Dr. Seuss language. Looks like green and eggs and ham are in store for breakfast this weekend!! We highly recommend this book.