Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

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I love the packaging. It makes the product look like it's made with natural ingredients. I like how it does not contain perfumes or dies. It absorbed quickly and left my skin feeling smooth.

The look of the packaging was appealing and I liked that the lotion didn't have a scent. I have combination skin that is not usually very sensitive, but I also had a burning sensation when I tried the moisturizer last night. And I woke up this morning with quite a bit of redness. I was actually looking forward to putting on my regular moisturizer on to calm it down.

Loving it so far. My skin is sensitive but I have noticed a difference in this and my other "before" moisturizer already. I'll be looking for more once my bottle runs out. It isn't headvy at all and it soaks in and doesn't "sit" on the skin like some other heavier creams. Perfect for me!

I've been using this product for the last few days and I don't really have any complaints other than it kind of makes my face tingle and feel warm/hot after it's first applied Maybe it's supposed to, I don't know. Either way, it doesn't feel bad - just different. So far so good though!

I've been using Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizers for a few days now. I used it along with a sample I had of the Simple face cleanser. This stuff is wonderful! It made my skin smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy or sticky like some moisturizers do. I even noticed my pores were less visible (don't know if it was the cleanser or moisturizer) and my skin tone a little brighter. The best part is I had no irritation whatsoever from this product! I love it and will definitely continue to use it on a daily basis!

Just got this and gave it a try. VERY light and no greasy residue. It had a slight burn at first but only for a second....sunscreen? alcohol? not sure but it says it is for sensitive skin (mine can tolerate just about anything) so I don't know what caused the stinging. I agree with skin feeling taut after applying. Almost makes it feel like it is dry, but then again I am used to products that are heavier. I like the scent, the feel, the packaging and the idea.

This moisturizer is really light and not greasy at all. It rubbed in easily and left my skin feeling soft all day. My only complaint is that I would have liked some SPF. I know that Simple offers a day cream with SPF, but I prefer a light moisturizer. If you don't care about SPF in your moisturizer then I really recommend this product, it seems to be really great quality and exactly what it says it is.

I receieved the moisurizer from shespeaks. I first washed my face everytime i do my skin feels so dry. I put this one and my skin felt great. It didnt feel sticky or greasy. Its lighwieght and i noticed when i wake up in the morning how much softer my skin feel!

Since starting using this I broke out! I'm 30 and this doesn't ususally happen! I plan on giving this to a friend who is interested in it! I thought the box looked nice and bottle package was simple! I looked at my local walgreens for it and still can't find it!

I love this stuff it is great stuff.

Not good for my sensitive skin. It stung and I immediately had to wash it. I'll use it only on my hands now.

I love this Light Moisturizer because it goes on smooth, with no heavy scent and feels good all day. I have combination skin and consider myself to be Irene the Queen in trying new beauty products. This one will match any expensive department store product in a heartbeat! Have already recommended it to a friend!

I am so thankful to have been able to try this product. The one moisturizer that worked really well for me was discontinued a few years ago, so I've been on the hunt ever since. It seems as most of the other moisturizers I've tried in the past do the exact opposite, and leave me face dry and stiff. I felt that I had nothing to lose with the Simple brand and was so surprised with the results. I received the product on March 7th, and have been using it ever since and have not been let down once! It hasn't been a week, but I have noticed a BIG difference in my skin, and that it's much less oily than it has been, and I'm sure I can reduce it even more with the continued use of the moisturizer. I look forward to trying more products from this brand.

I really like this product alot. Most moisturizers leave my skin feeling greasy and I just end up washing it off. This felt great on my skin. I do wish it came with an spf and maybe in a pump bottle you have to be real careful when you squeez it out al little goes a long way.

I used this product for 3 days now and I really love the light, silky feeling it leaves on my face. It actually made my skin feel a little taut after applying, which at nearly 50 is a great thing. I would love to see an a option with SPF, as you can never be too careful with sun exposure.