Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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yummy snack that is quick and it helps baby learn to eat solids and you can feel sae knowing that the contents will dissolve in their mouth.

All 3 of my children love these!! When they are teething it is great too. However the only con is when they get wet they are like a thin paste and of course that sticks to everything. So its a little messy but overall yummy!!

Both my babies enjoyed these, however after your teething baby sucks on them they get all mushy and sticks to everything. Overall these made my girls happy!

My baby loved these snacks, though they didn't melt away easily and seemed to worry me he would choke, I wasn't a huge fan of this product though it was a fair product.

I would recommend These are great. Short list of ingredients which I liked about the product. Baby seems to enjoy the taste. Great for babies transitioning to chewing solids.

The babies love it but it's messy. The babies love these! Me? Not so gets everywhere! They bite it, lick it, suck on it...Gets on their hands, their clothes, the floor... It works as a distraction for a few minutes but you might regret it later.

Daughter loved My daughter loved these when she was little. She would go through a box in no time. They are convenient. Although I noticed they crack easily in your bag so be careful storing them for on the go

My boys absolutely love these crackers. They?re big, so they?re easy for their little hands to hold. It just stinks when they crack in pieces when stored in your purse so when you open it the crumbs get everywhere.

Nice snack for my little to hold but it is messy. They crack into little pieces leaving a mess but my little guy loves them.

Yess These are awesome little rice snacks for toddlers! They melt reallt fast so you dont have to worry much about choking but i do recommend for children with teeth.

My child loves these but like all starter food they are messy.

There are great because they dissolve easy. The one thing I don't like is not they don't contain much nutritional value.

My daughter likes them but my son (3) did not. I didn't like how it tasted and the texture definitely threw me off.

My son loves them. Great snack although very low nutritional value. However, anything that gets them eating and quiet works for me sometimes.

I really love the portability of these snacks and they taste good too. Ill admit I sneak a couple.