OPI Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Lacquer

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of course one of the best nail polishes out there - haven't met a shade I didn't like.

OPI nail polishes last long (mine in the moment for example about 10 days), they have great colors and variety. This product is one of the best combinations between price and quality on the market. (There are some nail polishes that are cheaper, but their quality cannot be compared since they get dry slowly, last for up to 3 days and do not have such a diversity.)

Huge variety of colors, also purchase at some Sally Beauty Stores.

Nice nail polish with a great colors.

a little pricey, but definitely worth it. It doesn't clump and barely chips. I love all the colors. They have SO MANY to choose from!

This is my favorite nail polish

I just recently started wearing OPI nail polish, and I will never go back to any other brand! I have a coworker who wears "I'm Really Not a Waitress" and it is a beautiful color, especially for the holidays!

Gorgeous bright colors!!!! High quality! Highly recommend this product!!!!

I just got "rainbow connection" from the OPI muppet's holiday 2011 collection. I had been waiting for the muppet's polish for months now and have mixed feelings about the end result. The numerous different colors of glitter are all mixed up in a clear polish base, which looks way cool in the bottle. My issue was not with the mixture of colors, rather the big sized pieces of glitter that seemed to chip off very easily. The smaller glitter seemed to adhere better than the large. Also, since the base of the polish is clear, it might have look better with a solid color undercoat of polish. I used two coats without a solid color undercoat and you could still see much of my natural nail through the polish. I love OPI and will always recommend it as the best polish around... Rainbow Connection seems like a high maintance manicure that, while it breaks my heart to say, I don't recommend.

Love OPI nail polish, I work in a salon and get my nails done all the time! OPI has so many colors and new ones all the time, It stays on very well with little to no chipping, but don't forget the top coat its must with any brand! Try OPI top coat, its very nice too!!

OPI is one of only two(2) polishes that I use. Great updated colors for the fall and winter. If your lucky somtimes you can find this polish on sale at CVS.......

I absolutely love, Love, LOVE OPI nail polish. Not only does it seem to last longer on my nails than others that frequently chip within a day or two, but it doesn't stain my skin and nails when I remove the color. OPI offers a great variety of colors for the old and young too.

It's a little expensive, but it stays on well and they have beautiul colors.

I love...love... LOVE OPI!! My sister got me hooked on it several years ago, and I have to say, aside from the ADORABLE names for each color, the color choices are VIBRANT and TRUE! I just love them! They last and last... and if I actually take my time, do a base coat, 2 coats of polish and do a top coat...well then it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo lasts!!! It makes my at-home job look professional...but, if I don't invest the extra time...it still is a really good durable polish! I love it for a pedicure because then it last for a month and looks great! My all time favorite go to polish!!~!

My absolute favorite nail polish!! I don't buy anything else. It always goes on so smooth and lasts a long time. They have a great assortment of colors too. My only complaint is that it is a bit expensive, so I don't have as many colors as I'd like, but I'm willing to pay the price for fantastic nails. I'm asking for the 18-pc mini set from Sephora for Christmas :)