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  • AEloquin By  AEloquin    

    I use to wear tampex pearl, but the playtex sport tampons are the BEST. So comfortable and i never leak through them. i always buy them now! they are my favorite.

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  • aowens12 By  aowens12    

    These tampons are great! they are all I use. very comfortable.

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  • Leisha By  Leisha    

    I like them. I even like them better than the Pearl. I try to get them when CVS has a buy one get one half off sale! They glide easy and dont leak

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  • tina30219 By  tina30219    

    Sorry to say I tried these a few times when I had coupons and I don't like them as well as i use to.

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  • krpierce84 By  krpierce84    

    Love these tampons! They glide so smoothly and hold up great for times when a bathroom is not realily available.

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  • alisonhascash By  alisonhascash    

    no matter how my period is they never leak

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  • kellieleigh86 By  kellieleigh86    

    These are good, but I like Playtex Gentle Glide better.

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  • wilderlady By  wilderlady    

    i have been using tampax cardboard applicator tampons for several years and eventually used the pearl line on a friend's recommendation. playtex sport is absolutely 10X better than any tampax product i've tried. the two aren't even comparable. these were more comfortable, more absorbent and have a much better design. i'll be purchasing these from now on.

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  • pinkpixie By  pinkpixie    

    my number one as well! easy to open, glides easily, great protection, nothing will stop leaks. also love the range of sizes in the box the price is also very reasonable, no complaints

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  • hollyann1010 By  hollyann1010    

    This is my number one tampon. I have never had a problem with them and I love the fact that you can get all of the different sizes in one box and the price is reasonable.

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  • estephanie By  estephanie    

    I was a Tampax pearl user until I discovered these. I love them! They are the only tampons I buy now. I find the Playtex Sport tampons to be the most absorbent, most comfortable tampons I've used. I am thankful for the plastic applicators. I try to be "green" in many areas of my life, but my tampon is one sacrifice I'm just not willing to make yet.

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  • ZodrowGirl By  ZodrowGirl    

    After trying just about every tampon on the market, I really prefer playtex sport tampons by a long shot. They do not leak. They come in a range of absorbancies in one box. They do cost a little more, but you get what you pay for.

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  • birdie19 By  birdie19    

    Its alright i like tampax pearl better though so i sticked with that it does prevent leaks more then playtex ..

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  • MomaNikki82 By  MomaNikki82    

    Too short, but comfortable.

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  • dianescraps By  dianescraps    

    I like the Playtex sport brand - I find that they are very absorbant and comfortable. Even my tween is comfortable with them.

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