Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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The taste is a lot like Cheerios to me, with fluffiness. It isn't my favorite cereal, but I would buy it again due to the healthiness factor.

i recived a coupon from kashi for this cereal it took me weeks to find it but its a great one want to try the rest. had a good taste, and didn't knock my sugar up as i am a diabetic and have to watch what i eat but this cereal made the grade

The first time I purchased Kashi Honey Sunshine my boys said they didn't like it (just from looking at the box). Now that they have trieed it, they love it.

I was surprised when I taste this cereal. It was very flavorful and tasty. I love it and will purchase in the future.

We thought it tasted much better than we expected it to

I was also not very impressed with the lack of vitamins contained. I expected more. although there were natural ingredients there were 0% on most vitamins.

It's the new favorite in the house - we all love it! I feel good about giving it to my 3 year old

This cereal wasn't too bad. I thought the taste was a little bland, It seemed to get soggy quickly too. I dont' think I would buy it since there are other healthy cereals I like better. Sorry :(

Kashi is a brand that NEVER disappoints me and makes me feel smashing for eating their products! Hurray!!!!

Great taste, but a little high in sugar. Saving it for weekend treats!

i recently tried it it was okay not bad but not amazing either.

i have been a big fan of EVERYTHING kashi for awhile now.... its all natural, good for you, HIGH in protien & fiber which is a definite plus! Love it! Try their frozen meals too, they are great!

Just a great cereal. Makes a wonderful dry snack for my 22 month old!

My daughter loves the Honey Sunshine cereal.

Wasn't overly fond of it. It had a sweet metallic taste that left and an aftertaste in my mouth. The dogs loved it though.