Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I liked the cereal especially the crunchiness. Have bought the cereal for my family.

I loved the product, first time I bought it. Even taste good as a snack.

Tried my sample. I appreciate the healthier ingredients. It was a bit bland, though. However, sometimes you don't want something really sweet. Good to snack one.

I liked Kashi Honey SUnshine with milk and thought that I would also like it as a dry snack. When I tried it as a snack I decided that it was hard to swallow. The tase was still good though.

I would rather eat this as a snack. When I tried it with milk it became soggy way too quick, and had a granular consistency.

OOPS! A 5 star cereal, not 2

honey sunshine is not the best cereal not sweet enough

Wasn't overly fond of it. It had a sweet metallic taste that left and an aftertaste in my mouth. The dogs loved it though.

it looked so sweet and yummy like the cap'n crunch my son was enjoying. . . i took a big spoonful and - was SO disappointed! i thought it was a little stale-ish feeling - like it wasn't super crunchy or sweet like i thought. sigh - i'd already got my full size free box from the store. . . guess that'll be going to the food donations box.

I just wasn't a fan of it, I guess it was becuase it was expensive at our local healthfood store and then it got soggy fast and had a funny aftertaste.

Not the best. even though its organic, its nasty to me. At first i thought ..... OOOH GOODIE ORGANIC CAPTAIN CRUNCH!!!!!!! It's soooooo not. Also friggn expensive! I'm glad I had the opportunity to try this box for free.

Kashi really needs to work on their variety of flavors and not make everything taste like tree bark. I understand that it is healthy, but it needs to appeal to a wider variety of people.

Couldn't get the stars thing to work--I would give it FIVE!!!! It is so so good!

i thought it was gross.

I hated this stuff. I thought the taste was just terrible.