Motrin Children's Motrin

Motrin Children's Motrin

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Absoultely recomended Love the product .very effective on kids. it great helps for kids .I use on my sons it's really worked.

great helps for kids . fast working and tastes good so my children have no problem taking it.

Awesome!! We use this for this kids every time they are sick with fever or mild pain. They never complain about the taste and always eat the entire thing. Super easy and simple! Price is always fair as well. I would definitely recommend! Especially for kiddos that hate liquid meds.

Great Really good for any inflammation related injuries or pain. Works great!

Awsome product My kids love the flavor. Its easy to give my little ones.

Fast Acting I trust Motrin for my baby's teething or other discomforts. They have different flavors that aren't too bitter. It's easy to take and it's fast acting. I like it because it's dye free.

I reach for Motrin anytime my kids spike fevers, or have any kind of tooth pain or headaches. It relieves them very quickly.

Very good product - works well for fever, pain.

I usually choose Tylenol for my son, but when hes at his worst and has a high fever, I altnernate Tylenol and Motrin about every 4 and 6 hours, leaving 1 hour between each administration; it works wonders!

I much prefer Motrin to Tylenol too! Edited 8/16/2010 to add: And I like all of the different flavors that Motrin offers as well. Definitely check with your doctor about the right dosage first.

4 out of 5, becasue no measurable performance difference over other brands. I will say that the berry flavor is very easy to give to our kids. In order fot the medicine to work, the kids must swallow it. They have done a very nice job with the flavoring of the beryy flavor. Have used this in the infant drops too and it is equaly good.

This is a good product if you know your child will have fever or swelling from shots. It was recommended to me by a pediatrician to give it 1/2 an hour before shots and it will help with the initial pain as well. I've found it to work quite well. Although I only used this method for one child since the others only cried for a split second and stop, and within, literally, a minute we are leaving the office and the babies had smiles again. It always surprises the pediatrician and nurses. LOL It also works well for fever from a cold, and teething. Yet we only use it rarely and have only used teething products a few times in general.

Children's Motrin is one of the two products that helps my son's fever come down fast. He also doesn't have a problem with the taste, which is a huge plus because he just cannot swallow medicine that tastes badly. He will spit it out faster than I can react.

this is a good product.

Loved how quickly it worked. The only complaint I have is that it was like a sugar rush for my daughter. Tylenol always makes her sleepy. Not Motrin. COMPLETE OPPOSITE!!!