Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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This is my go-to air freshener. It's the only thing that takes care of nasty bathroom smells. Very important, as we have one right off the living room. It also saves me from diaper odors and cooking smells. I adore the entire Febreeze line.

love the apple spice but i do not see how it is advertised as long lasting. if you put your nose on the fabric it fell on u can smell it but the air does not stay fresh long. too bad, lovely scent

These scents are fantastic and last for quite awhile. I use it all over the house including the closets. Leaves everything smelling fresh and breezy.

Its OK but when you spray it, it just falls back down.

I use Frebreze Air Freshner's all the time. I love how they can be used everywhere in my house including my car. They don't just mask the odors they actually do there job in providing a great scent that I can enjoy for hours. I love that they also have a variety of scents to choice from!

Smells good, but the scent doesn't last very long, and falls instead of misting into the air and bonding with molecules like the commercial says.

i love love love this fabreeze air effects but this one is the vanilla&lavender smells soooooooooooooo good! but my other favorites are thai dragron and the mediterrainean smells good too and they work i just wish they would last longer but aside from that highly reccommend them big time!!

It does a good job of covering up the smell of dirty dog in our house. I spray in on the carpet and the drapes.

Love, LOVE this, great scents, not too perfumey, more fresh scented, just keep it away from kids.

Febreze Air Effects work great. I always use Febreze to keep my house smelling fresh. Fresh Linen is my favorite.

As a pet owner I use this product several times a week to keep my home smelling fresh and odor free.

Thank you frebreez air effects for making my college roommate tolerable! She didn't believe in bathing and you made that semester much better for my nose.

I love the way it smells and that it last awhile

not worth the money

with 4 dogs this is the best thin ever!