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  • mastrogm mastrogm

    Although it has a good taste I, myself would rather have the regular snickers. I do like the idea of it being in multiple pieces because that way you can have a treat without having too much! If you enjoy crispy type candy and such you will love it.

  • falu215 falu215

    I have always loved Snickers. In other words, I was expecting it to take like Snickers but with crisper layers. However, I could not taste the Snickers flavors I love so much. In fact, I shared it with my son and he was not pleased with this treat. Additionally, I found it too sweet for my taste. Just to compare, I purchased the original Snicker bar and it tasted awesome! As a result, I was not satisfied with the Snickers Crisper.

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  • Heathers2980 By  Heathers2980    

    Snickers Crispers

    This snickers is light and airy and much easier on your mouth than the ones packed with nuts. Love these.


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