Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

Enfagrow PREMIUM Older Todder Ready-to-Drink Milk Drinks, Vanilla Flavor

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My daughter, who is 16 months old, absolutely loved this! She drank it right down every time we gave it to her! I will definitely be going to the store to buy some more for her! It's great knowing that it's very healthy for her as well! Thanks, Enfagrow, for a wonderful product!

My daughter really loves the vanilla flavored Enfagrow! She says that it is so yummy and asks for more! I have to agree with her, it is so delicious, plus it is healthy for her, much more than regular milk. We will keep on purchasing this new product to us!

My son loved the flavor of the vanilla ready-to-drink Enfagrow product. Would definitely purchase in the future.

This one gets 5 stars because of the flavor. My son loved this and I had to keep it out of his reach to have some left for our next road trip this weekend.

Loved this product and was happy to be a part of this review! I love every thing about it. the ease of use, the taste for my child, the vitamins and nutrients it provides.

My 4 year old calls it duck milk now. Disliked it at first due to the taste but after a couple of times she enjoys it now. Agree with other on the flavors. Chocolate would be great! Good to know that she gets something that will fill out the gaps on what she is missing out on when it comes to her diet. They can be so picky!! Great product!

My daughter loves the vanilla one. And she likes the carton it's in. Great for her little hands!

My little one loved the Enfagrow ready to drink toddler formula. He loved the feeling of being a "big boy" like his brother since the Enfagrow has a straw like the juice drinks he sees his brother enjoying. I like that it has all the vitamins & minerals essential to his growth & brain development. My only problem was the amt. of iron in the drink added to the daily vitamins he was already taking became a bit constipating, so moms need to be careful of that. Either skip the Enfagrow on days you give the vitamin, or vice versa. All in all, this is a great product, especially if you can find qpons for it as it tends to be a bit on the pricey side.

My twins loved the enfagrow and for the best think i liked was that they still ate their regular food. When giving them other drinks they didnt want to eat so that worried me. But with enfagrow they are getting all the nutrients they need to grow and eating.

Son didn't like this.

she loves it

good for a quick on the go drink ..

my 4 yr old son, and my 1.5 year old son really liked this product! the only thing I dont like is the price,its too expesinve, so I wint be buying this product unless I have coupons and they are on sale.

Great nutrients in a convenient package. I would use this chilled as it tastes better. I would love a chocolate version and would buy it a lot to replace sugary chocolate milk.

my 2 y/o is a very picky eater, this product helps a lot! I wish the milk was thicker and they carried more flavors, toddlers are more aware of how foods/drinks look and taste (not like babies and their weirdly tasted formulas and mashed foods).