DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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My daughter asked to try this because she was having another headache. I think she gets them from not drinking enough while at school and soccer practice. She drank half a water bottle with drip drop and was amazed how quickly her headache went away. The next day she drank a full bottle before practice and didn't get a headache. We live in California where it's mostly hot and keeping my kids hydrated is not easy. Both of my kids liked the taste and want me to buy more drip drop.

Great flavor and awesome benefits. My daughter an I have been running and we used it after the race. We felt better immediately.

Wow. This kit arrived right on time. I had the opportunity to use it after being ill and experiencing some mild dehydration. After reading the box (I trust the Mayo Clinic), and learning that it packed more punch than both sports drinks and Pedialyte, I was expecting it to taste salty or synthetic. Surprisingly it tasted really good! I had no problem drinking my whole glass. I also felt a lot better 1-2 hours after drinking a glass. I'm a believer! The only downside is that after mixing it well, the drink was still a little bit thickened - not very much, but it was noticeable. Almost like when you first mix jello with water. However, this was not noticeable enough for me to not use Drip Drop - especially after feeling a lot better after drinking it.

I started a weight loss drug prescribed for severe obesity and although it the pills are working the leave my severly dehydrated. I am now using DripDrop ORS Berry Flavor every 6 hours and am feeling much better. I love the taste. It is like a treat to me and I feel so much better knowing I am getting the fluids that I need.

Good drink with benefits.Was unaware of this product until seeing it here on SheSpeaks.I will be keeping a couple of boxes with my medical supplies.Taste was much like the name brands such as Powerade or Gatorade but much easier to store in powder packets than bottles already made.These will work great for our backpacks during hiking too.Thank you for allowing me to try this product and for making me aware of it.

The berry flavor is delicious.