Edy's  Fruit Bars

Edy's Fruit Bars

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These are very addicting. You feel like you are eating healthy when you eat one of these rather than some other type of Popsicle. They taste like real fruit and are pretty filling for the size of them. The ones that have "No sugar added" are wonderful too. Don't be afraid of trying them. You can not tell you are eating something with less sugar. They taste the very same. I have a box of each in my freezer right now and can't tell which I'm eating. Finally, we have a great tasting snack to eat while we are watching our calories.

I like them all. I love that you get chunks of fruit in them too!

I enjoy them all, especially the lime flavor. My only wish is that they NOT use food coloring!!!

Absolutely delicious and sooo much better for you then an ice cream bar. I have not tried a flavor I didn't like.

I am in love with the Orange and Coconut...they are really to die for! And I feel better about eating them too.

I think the strawberry is the best! They are loaded with real fruit and are not too expensive.

Strawberry, lemon, and coconut are wonderful! And pretty close to guilt-free.

these are fantastic and my kids love them too!

These things are amazingly good-and as most everyone else agrees-I LOVE srawberry!

Strawberry rocks! Keep an eye open for sales as they can be expensive.

Great fruit flavors

I've tried the strawberry! They are so good!!!! 5 Stars!

Mmm! These are delicious, especially the strawberry!

Strawberry is delicious! Cool and refreshing.

These fruit bars are great. We get them all year. Definitely get the strawberry.