DripDrop Hydration Powder - Lemon

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Lemon

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the first time I tried it I didn't like it but it was mixing with the other flavor in my mouth!! LOL so, I tried it again today and it tastes like a mild lemonade. I love how healthy it is, I forget sometimes to stay hydrated so this is great!!

I drink Gatorade regularly and this isn't much different to me.I received the lemon flavor and added the packet to a 16 oz bottle of water as instructions said to do.I could hardly tell the difference from Gatorade as far as flavor. It is a refreshing drink and the kids seemed to like it fairly well. I will probably buy it to keep on hand in case of sickness,etc.This is much easier to store than bottles already filled with liquid.Thank you for the sample.I will continue buying.

I personally did not like the flavor, but my boys said "Mmm good".

Thank you very much for these samples. I received lemon and in 8 oz of water it's too tart and not too enjoyable? However I put another in 10 oz and it appeared to dissolve quick and not taste as strong and a lot like Gatorade. I used the others in 10 oz water for the kids and they liked it. I felt that they were hydrating so I'm happy with it! Please dissolve in 10 oz. thank you.

Great tasting lemon flavor and it dissolves very easily too. I brought it to the gym and it definitely kept me feeling hydrated!

Received our free sample pack and I must say, we all actually enjoyed the lemon taste. My husband tried one at work and says he enjoyed the taste as well and felt a difference from the normal sports drink he usually has during the day.

My kids loved the taste of it. I am a plain-water drinker and don't like the taste of sports or pediatric drinks, so me saying the taste is "ok" is actually high praise LOL. I am very happy to see this product has no artificial dyes. II would definitely recommend this product and buy it for my kids during sports seasons.

I tried my free sample box today with the kids it was pretty good.I had the lemon flavor

I did not like this flavor. I really wish I would have had a different flavor it made it hard to drink and enjoy. But my friend did enjoy it she said she would be interested in getting more

Me and my children really love the lemon flavor and we highly recommend this product. It taste great and has helped my children over come dehydration.

This flavor is delicious!