DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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This product did what it was intended to do for myself and my kids. They enjoyed the berry flavor but I didn't care for the flavor as much. Overall a great product.

It tasted great. The kids loved them. It was a cit to salty for me as an adult but the kids did not mind. Great concept. I think they might have a hard time marketing it as something other than like pedialite when kids are sick. I would only use this with sick kids.

I really like this product. The berry flavor is good, but a bit strong for me. I had to dilute it in 12 oz in order to drink it. I think it's hydration properties are great. We happened to have a hot spell here just recently and I couldn't quench my thirst...so it tried Drip Drop! It satisfied my thirst and I felt a little more full after drinking it as well. My son tried it before football practice. He sweats a lot in all his pads. This helped him to stay well hydrated during practice. I'm a runner, so now that I know how we'll this product works, I'll be using it on my runs as well! Thanks for letting me try such a great product!

This came at a perfect time, my four year old had just had surgery and needed hydration. It served its purpose and he loved them. I tried them as well and they worked but I found the taste not so pleasant,

I thought this was a great product. Worked well and tasted great.

It does what it's supposed to, you do get rehydrated! I tried this along with my daughter and grandson. None of us were impressed by the taste, sadly. The berry flavor won no hearts in my house, the other flavors might fare better. I would definitely keep it on hand for sick kids. Possibly use it for popsicles when sore throat season hits. You do feel the boost of the hydration but that was the only good part to this drink. We tested it out in a 8 oz and a 10 oz glass of water to see if there was any improvement. It just wasn't a great enough taste for any of us to want to add it into our daily routine. I would recommend to my running friends to try out and to friends with kids as a hydration while sick possibility. Hoping the kid doesn't get sick but if he does, I will use it then!

I love this product, it's better for my kids than other hydrating drinks, and my whole family loved the berry flavor.

I liked it a lot it worked well & the flavor was on point.

I love this! Didn't realize how dehydrated I was until I started using this. I feel so much better being hydrated while keeping up with my active family. The berry flavor is great too! I will be looking for this product on my next grocery trip! Thank you for the opportunity to try this!!!

The berry flavored DripDrop was great! It's hard to stay hydrated during the colder months but this kept my kids and I in tip top hydrated shape. My kids enjoyed the flavor as well.

The concept of this product is good. The taste of the product was just alright. The product served its purpose and worked to keep my kids hydrated during a day of busy activities.

The drip drop berry flavor smelled good like pink lemonade, but had a somewhat pleasant taste. It mixed okay, made water cloudy and taste chalky. I did feel hydrated, mouth didn't dry out.

I was very excited to try this product. As a busy mom, I know the importance of staying hydrated, even during the dreaded viruses that kids get so easily. I was disappointed in the flavor of Berry Drip Drop. It was lightly berry flavored, but it was also salty. Blech. I fixed one for myself & for my son & neither of us could finish it. Sorry, Drip Drop, this needs some work.

I get headaches every day and I drank one of these and my headache went away. Apparently I dont drink as much water as I thought I needed! To me the taste was ok, but I dont like raspberry and thats what I can taste the most. Id still drink it though. I gave a couple sippy cups of it to my almost 2 yr old and he loves it! He drank it fast and wanted more. My 9 yr old loved it too. I like flavored water for my kids better than Kool aid or pop and this is certainly better. Thanks for the chance to try this product. Great experience:)

What a great flavor. It really helped my 6 year old son when he was down with a cold. He really enjoyed the flavor. I made some for myself and was also amazed at the great taste. I will definetly be buying more as needed since it's such a great help during sick times. Thanks for letting me try your product.