Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC 17 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

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I LOVE mine and use it daily!!!

This is an awesome products....it actually does all the cleaning for you get up all the dust and dirt in carpet....just great!

I really like my Dyson DC 17. It picks up dirt that most other vacuums do not. It gets filled up alot.

I LOVE my Dyson Animal! It's the only vacuum that has stood up to my pet-filled house for years. I've had it for over six years now, so the money I spent on it was worth the investment. Any time I've had a problem, the customer service at Dyson has been fantastic. I don't see myself ever owning another brand again.

This vaccum is fantastic. It has never lost its suction, even when the cylinder is full. I can use it for any area in my home and it does great on hard floors. The down side is that the base is a bit too clunky to fit under bed, kitchen counters and anything somewhat low. You need to remove the nosel if you want to get under things, apart from that one complaint, I love it and would buy it all over again.

This is my favorite vacuum! My husband and I bought our years ago when we found out our indoor cats somehow had fleas. Well with treatment and Dyson they were gone within days. We had been using a different vacuum and sucked up a garbage bag full of hair dirt and debris from our carpets in our house. It was crazy. We've been die hard Dyson fans ever since.

im currently in the market for a new vacum my sister recommned me this!! :P

Love my Dyson Animal Vac! I have had this for quite a few years and still going strong (as long as I remember to clean the filter under the canister). The only thing I will say is that it doesn't work too good on hard wood floors without scratching...Of course you can use the hose with one of the attachments but that is back-breaking and more time consuming as you have to constantly tug the main vac part around with you! All in all, a good product though.

LOVE LOVE LOVE My Dyson! My wonderful hubby went out one day and surprised me with mine and I totally treat it like my baby too! NOBODY else uses it but me (which I suppose works out for the rest of the houshold haha) I would be so lost without mine. I have a massively shedding choc lab and it picks up hair so easily. If you use it on the bare floor you can literally SEE the hairballs from inches away running to it to be suctioned up! Its crazy, and I haven't ONCE complained about animal hair since I got this gem! Can"t recommend a Dyson vaccuum enough!

I was hesitant to purchase this because I thought is was too expensive. When I watched the demonstration on television, I was impressed. I have two dogs and I was extremely happy the first time I used by Dyson. It was amazing and a little scary to see how much this vacuum collects. I definitely recommend this one.

I am a residential home cleaner and I have used a number of vacuums . I am also on the hunt for one that I really like to purchase because my personal vacuum is an old vacuum with a bag and I am definitely interested in a bagless. Yesterday we went to a clients home and they had this vacuum which I used on their floors. They had animals so where the hardwood and tile was there were little hairballs all over. I used the attachment and was immediately impressed with how powerful the suction was. The hairballs were drawn to the vacuum from inches away. I also used the vacuum in regular mode and used it on the bare floor and carpet setting. I definitely loved this vacuum and if it didnt come with a price tag of $650 I would own it

I love my Dyson Animal. It is the best vacuum that I have ever owned. I bought it years ago when I lived in a -place with carpeting, and when having a dog, and several cats you need something that can really suck the hair out of the carpet. I have heard that they have gone down in quality,but have never had a problem with my Dyson

Works awesome for me! I have two kids and two cats and the hair that this thing picks up it amazing. Everything is so clean after I vacuum.

With two golden retrievers, we always have fur and go through vacuum cleaners like crazy. Not so with the Dyson Animal. You'll be amazed what your other vacuum leaves behind. A must buy for pet owners. One big cost upfront, is worth a whole lotta clean and multiple cleaner purchases!!!!

It picks up well, but not worth the price.Since it's bagless you can smell the pet dander.