Dawn Power Clean

Dawn Power Clean

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This is hands down my favorite cleaning product! I use equal parts of Dawn and vinegar and use this a my multi-purpose cleaning solution. Soap scum? Gone! Scuffs? Gone! Baked in grease? Gone! I can't say enough great things about Dawn!

Got a sample in the mail and loved it. Worked great at removing the grease and food residue that was left on the dishes. Cleaned even the greasiest pots and pans I had!

I bought this detergent based on curiosity. I tried it and loved it!! It's amazing how fast the dirt dissolves away and I don't have to spend thousands of hours a year standing at the sink washing dishes.

I dont buy any other dishsoap!!

Dawn is the only dish soap we buy! Thus is my new fave!!

We have tried many soaps because they just weren't getting our dishes as clean as we would like them, and this one works wonders! Not only does it only take a little bit to scrub everything clean it smells good. I even use this on my hands when washing them in the kitchen and LOVE the way it smells, it also makes my hands soft :)

We buy this at Costco. Because it only takes a small amount to tackle even the grimiest of jobs we only have to buy it every three or four months. It's great for grease and sometimes I will even soak clothes with stains in a sink full of water and a little dawn. The stains come right out.

This stuff is great! I use it a lot for my slow cooker. It really gets off that stuck on stuff. Especially when you have had a milk based product in there. I love it!

I have to have this product under my kitchen sink at all times!!! If I let even the messiest dish or pan soak in some hot water and this product it will wash clean so easily...takes all the scrubbing effort out and works amazing around the house for many reasons.

Only use Dove Power Clean!

Really powerful and it lasts forever!

I tried this because I had a coupon, and I have to say it's worth every penny! Have not ever used anything that releases tough greasy food residue like this...and you don't have to use much, a bottle will last a long time.

I love this soap its the only one I use and will ever use. It always leave my pots and pans and dishes squeaky clean.

This Dawn is ah'mazing it works so well on your pots and pans that lets just face it we would like to throw out rather that tackle the mess! Lets not mention the icky plates and glasses that the teenagers "forget" in their rooms, so by the time you find them they look like a bad science experiment, It just powers through all of that!

The BEST dish soap hands down! The bottle is advertised correctly, it is like letting a pan sit over night when you let it soak just five minutes.