Silk  Pure Almond Unsweetened

Silk Pure Almond Unsweetened

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I love this Almond Milk! It's sweet and great on cereal and in protien shakes. What I really love about it is it's only 35 calories per serving!!!!

A great alternative to real milk lower in calories and lower in carbs its great for baking and on crereal and even better in coffee! However I'm not a big fan of just drinking it by the glass. That's just not quite the same. But in all other uses it's a great alternative! Smooth and silky it works well in SO many things!

We love this product. Our babies were born unable to drink dairy or soy so as soon as we found this, as I wasn't nursing we used it for a source of added nutrition/calcium for our sensitive babies. Love it. and so do they.

i have been trying to change my coffee drinking habit , which can be about a pot of coffee and lots of sugar free creamer . So i purchased The vanilla unsweetened half gallon of Pure almond and LOVED IT ! I t does completely change the way it taste but it dose not bother my stomach as much if I had used the creamer . My girls the Chocolate as well .

Love this! I have been lactose intolerant my entire life and I am sick of soy milk. This has a great flavor and works perfectly for cereal and lattes.

Definitely an acquired taste. my mom loves it but i just couldn't handle the taste

Great product to use in cereal and even cooking. I used this for cereal during my last pregnancy after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was placed on a strict carb restricted diet. Very low in net carbs which is great for those who are on low card diets.

I love Almond Milk! I use it all the time for my protein smoothies. It makes the smoothie fabulous and at only a fraction of the calories and fat of cow's milk, it is well worth the price!

I love almond milk. Between soy, almond, and coconut milks, I doubt I will ever drink cow's milk knowingly again. Almond milk is especially great in coffee. Way healthier than creamer, and much lower in calories than even soy. I love it.

This provides a great amount of calcium and the texture is really creamy. It taste good and my family loves it!

Great taste and high in calcium! My DD and I love this unsweetened almond milk. Neither of us like regular milk and this has been an excellent substitute for us. We drink it by the glassful, on our cereal, use it in recipes, etc. The 35 calories per cup is an added plus. I honestly did not expect much when I tried it and was pleasantly surprised.

I love this stuff! It's so rich and creamy.

35...yes THIRTY FIVE CALORIES for EIGHT ounces!! That is INCREDIBLE and...wait for it, wait for it, IT TASTE GREAT!!!! I have used it in baking, coffees/lattes, cereal and they have all been divine! I originally had issues making pudding with it, but found out reducing the recipe by 1/4 almond milk (per small box instant pudding/ 2 cup milk recipe) fixed it and it works fabulous! How could you not love reducing calories from 90 to 35 AND have a great taste?!?!?