Peeled Snacks Much-ado-about-mango

Peeled Snacks Much-ado-about-mango

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completely disgusting, gassy aftertaste, bananas looked rotted and dried, odd texture...might just be the tropical variety maybe the single items are better but would definitely NOT recommend

I purchased the pineapple and was pleasantly surprised. They were sweet but not too sweet. The texture was softer than I thought. It really was a great alternative to the sweets I crave in the afternoon. I would purchase again. Perhaps try a flavor my kids would also like.

I am a huge fruit fan, so I was excited to see a product like this surface (without a gazillion added sugars, etc). I found the Farmer's Market Trio mix most down my alley but still rather sweet. My kids loved them, though! The Paradise Lost was, alternatively, not very sweet but, I don't know, just didn't do it for me...or the kids. =/

I found this product very easy and picked the Trio bag ----I know it is very healthy but I really expected more. The taste was just OK and nothing unusual. I also felt that this was a very expensive item to add to all our shopping lists every week. The product that I bought would have been $5.00 for a ver small bag. I was actually kind of disappointed in it.

These were very tasty. My fiance who won't eat healthy even loved them. the only problem I have is the price. for a small pack, they are kind of expensive.

great alternative to candy!! no sugar added, healthy snack!

I really liked these.....especially for on the go! loved that they were all additives etc. sweet, chewy.....satisfied my craving ! Thank you. I'll definitely purchase again and recommend to a friend.

These are really good! The only complaint I have is that some of the pieces still have the skin on them. It peels off easily, but I didn't expect the non-edible part to still be attached. The pieces are also not the same sizes. Otherwise, the taste is great, all natural, no additives.

This is the best flavor! The mango is dried and has the perfect amount of "chew" to it! It's perfectly sweet...and with no added sugars, you can't feel guilty!