Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner

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I've never had a shampoo/conditioner combo that had people actually complementing me on my hair until I used this. I'm amazed really. I had been using an expensive brand until I received the Pantene. Within 4 days I started getting complements that my hair was looking shinier and more healthy. Whatever Pantene is doing with this they can keep it up I'm hooked!

I did not like the sent of this conditioner at all!!! It also didn't do much to moisturize my hair since i still had some static (which only really happens when i use pantene products any way). But I did really love the scent of the shampoo

This conditioner has a nice smell to it. I think it does a good job at conditioning my hair but I still think that my hair is too dry from using the Pantene products. I am wearing my hair natural without any chemicals so I need more moisturizing products. I have to add other things to my hair to help with the dryness. I see that others feel their hair gets too oil but I do not have to issue with this on my hair. I think it is a good conditioner overall but would not use this all the time.

I so wanted to love this! I think that the smell was a bit better than the shampoo, but again, it left a lot of gunk in my hair. Also, it was a bit runny and had a tendency to fall out of my hands and land on the shower floor. I think that overall it was average and it just didn't seem to work for my hair.

I love the new bottle, still sturdy. I love that you can turn the bottle upside down to get all the product. The shampoo & conditioner smell great!! My hair did not feel as smooth and silky as usual,although it looked the sam. So not sure if it is the conditioner. I would definitley purchase it in the future, but not a shampoo I can use daily. My sister loves Pantene and I told her about the nature fusion and she will give it a try. Nothing bad to say, would still recomend.

Love that Pantene is working towards a greener, more eco-friendly product. I too, took longer to test the product. I do not usually use a lot of conditioner, but liked the Pantene Conditioner. A little goes a long way. It smells awesome!

I have extremely dry and thin hair. I have tried just about every shampoo and conditioner that "guarantees" transformation from dry to moisturized hair, and disappointed each time. However, Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance shampoo and conditioner has actually worked! In just the first 3 uses, my hair is actually moisturized and manageable! I am very pleased with this product, and I will not buy anything else after this wonderful experience!

No complaints really, just an average conditioner for me anyway...I really don't have a lot to say other than to voice my dislike of the product labeling. It implies that is a more natural product when really it's not. Didn't leave me with hair complaints but didn't wow me either.

I actually loved the packaging, which I was pretty sure about from the beginning. What really surprized me, is how much the formula for the pantene conditioner has changed. I used it years ago and stopped because it left my hair oily feeling and looking within a couple of hours of washing it. Not the problem anymore. I actually love it now, and think Pantene has won a previous customer back. Btw, my husband loved using it on his goatee! He said it made it really soft ;)

Love this new produce. Smells great and makes my hair feel very clean!

I loved the smell of this shampoo and conditioner and also the thickness of the product.s It was the right consistency to easily lather into my hair without dripping through my fingers or down into my eyes. My hair was left very smooth and silky. The only thing I did not like was with the silky smooth texture my hair felt really fine making it much easier to knot and cause me problems when brushing. This was the only gripe I had with the product at all.

I lIke: the scent, the texture (creamy, doesn't slide off your hand), and the light-moisturizing formula. Don't like: that it doesn't help define my layers & waves, but I can style with Mousse etc, so that's no biggie to me. I love the free, light and healthy feeling of my hair after using this Pantene product. My hair smells nice :)

LOVED it. I am so grateful for the chance to try this product first. I will continue to buy. First the bottle being way more 'green' is fantastic! I am excited about that alone. Not to mention it left my hair smelling amazing and it was manageable. Which for my curls is hard. It was so soft with no frizz thanks so much

amazing..loved it!~ Made my hair smell great and easy to manage. Will continue to use as my hair was very easy to style as well!

I absolutely have enjoyed using Pantene Nature Fusion Moisture Balance Conditioner these past two weeks. I do not like to use a product one time and judge by one use, so I took a few weeks. I love the smell, not at all inorganic. It feels nice to the touch and does not leave my babyfine hair feeling like wet spaghetti, so I love it. My hair is manageable and feels so soft! I will definitely spend my money on this product.