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  • Alidave6 By  Alidave6    

    GREAT, GREAT, GREAT product! I like to make multiple dinners to freeze ahead. I line the pan with the non-stick foil, make the food (lasagna and mac-n-cheese are favorites!) and freeze. Once frozen, I take the foil out (never sticks!!) and put the frozen dish into a freezer bag. Also makes taking brownies out of the pan SUPER EASY!! This product makes life SO much easier!!

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  • Southerngenes By  Southerngenes    

    Food will not stick to this foil.

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  • Kisha3377 By  Kisha3377    

    Very handy to use around the house. Great for grills

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  • ChubbyCheeks1973 By  ChubbyCheeks1973    

    The best ever. Nothing sticks to this and I use it in the oven and toaster/convection oven.

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  • darcynovak1 By  darcynovak1    

    We use this product inside and outside of the home. Cooking, baking and grilling. Love this product.

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  • WeiserAcademy By  WeiserAcademy    

    Very handy to use. Makes cleen up a snap! We use it indoors for baking and roasting, and outdoors for grilling.

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  • begemot By  begemot    

    It makes cooking and baking easier. If you want to save yourself from one hour rubbing and cleaning of pots, pans and grills after the cooking is over just line the pan or whatever cooking ware you are using with this foil and when you are done just throw it away with all the grease and burned pieces of food stuck on it. It can save hours of washing dishes.

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  • itqtpie By  itqtpie    

    This stuff is amazing! Whoa! I was so impressed with the way the food slid off! Magic..yeah that's it must be magic! Seriously renyolds you have genius staff that work for you! I hope they make it forvever!!I will cry if they take it off the market!! Great product..hands down I'd give it 10 stars if I could!!!

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  • tan224 By  tan224    

    So many uses of one product. wrap sandwich to take along. cover bake tray. bbq grill etc. these are really heavy duty foil. no smell nothing keeps food fresh for long time.

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  • Erzse01 By  Erzse01    

    Amazing. It's a grilling essential in our household.

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  • waltenja By  waltenja    

    LOVE this product! Time saver at home and a must have if you are camping!

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  • Jadensmommie By  Jadensmommie    

    Great foil. It holds up super great. Helps from having to cleaning stuck on food.

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  • MomeeGina By  MomeeGina    

    I use this foil so much when I'm baking food. Keeps the backing dish clean.

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  • ajelley By  ajelley    

    This stuff it amazing! It's great for grilling, cooking in the oven, and everything in between. I use it to line the pan when I make homemade caramels. It peels right off of the candy and saves me the horror of peeling them out of the pan. It makes grilling a breeze as well!

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  • tara1sh By  tara1sh    

    This is a product I use all the time. If you want something not to stick use this product! It is amazing. I keep it on hand and find myself using it more and more. I have shared this product with family and friends and have converted most of them. I am such a Reynolds gal! They make awesome products

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