Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits

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These were great when my son first started teething. They are nice and long which makes it easy for a baby to hold. You can brush away any of the mess because they're just crumbs. The only complaint is that they don't travel well. You have to put them in a case of some sort otherwise the Mum Mums break into many pieces.

Easy for baby to hold and dissolves quickly. The only thing I don't like is it sometimes breaks into pieces that are too big for him to put into his mouth.

My sweet girl is having a hard time teething and these little yummy snacks seem to make her happy !!

These were the first solid thing I gave my youngest boy. I think they have no flavor but my son liked them.

My son is a little too old for these now, but I will for sure be using them again for baby #2! They are a little sticky, but... that's why us moms have baby wipes all the time, right?! They work great for keeping the kid happy, but.. not stuffing them with sugary snacks or higher calorie snacks!

these are great - truly do melt in your mouth.. unlike other 1st foods that say they do and don't... my child loves these.. a little on the messy side, but that comes with the territory.

Great travel snack for my youngest. he would eat these in the cart & stay content while I grocery shopped. These weren't crumbly like some snacks and were easy to stick in the diaper bag.

When my daughters were teething they loved these. Not such bigs fans as they have gotten older.

My oldest did a great job with these, but my younger daughter and my niece both have a habit of taking big chomps and choking. I would recommend, but with caution to watch your baby carefully!

These are perfect for little ones just learning to self feed as well as older toddlers wanting a snack. This was the very first finger food I gave my daughter. It is very easy for tiny hands to hold on to and it dissolved well. It is not easily broken into pieces, but the time she did manage to bite off a chunk it dissolved and she didn't choke. I would like to see some flavored ones.

Love these! Both of my kids ate these and went crazy for them! Great for babies who are just learning to fed themself. The only downfall is they are hard to take with you cause they break in the diaper bag. The disolve easily so they can make a little bit of a mess when wet. I include these with every shower gift!

My baby loves these crackers but you have to be careful - she is 8 months old and tries to fit the entire cracker into her mouth at one time. I break it into quarters before giving them to her.

Messy yes....but my kids enjoyed them. I think it even tastes good. Also nice to have a snack available that's not loaded with a bunch of junk!

Both of my daughters LOVED these!! They were awesome for when baby is just starting baby food for a little snack and for teething. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because they are terribly sticky and messy but well worth it :)

I don't particularly like these but my daughter loves them. I didn't think she would eat them at first. They are one of her favorite snacks