Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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My kids enjoyed this one. They liked the flavor and it was a nice amount of food. It was quick and easy and is a nice treat for them.

My 7-year-old tried this product and thought it was okay. He only ate about 1/2 of it.

This one was a big loser in my house. My 7 year old son took one bite and declared it "gross". My 2 year old took two bites and wouldn't eat any more. I had to break out the lunchables. Will definitely not buy this one again.

loved it!!!!!!!:))

My son couldn't even finish the 1st bite. He said it tasted funny, so I tried it... & it has a bit of a "manufactured" after-taste to it.

My daughter tried this meal and she seemed to like it, but I tried it and to me it tasted horrible. I would buy it for her, but I wouldn't reccommend it becase of the funny taste.

Not impressed at all. My daughter and I both thought it had a horrible taste and ended up throwing it away.

My son does not eat beef, except in the form of a hot dog. I attempted this dish because I had it in the house since it was free. Well, lets just say that out of all 4 of the Hormel meals, this was his favorite. I was really surprised. These meals were so easy to heat, and my son loved this one. I would definitely buy these for occasional meals. I prefer to give my child home made meals, but being a working single mother, that's not always an option. Now I see that Hormel is ALWAYS an option. How can you beat 45 seconds?

After the first bite, my son said it tasted the same as the ravioli. It has a weird sweet tasting sauce and the noodles are rather mushy. Overall no one in the family was impressed.

My kids liked this one the best! Gone in just a few minutes. I have already purchased several of this variety.

My son absolutely loved this and was a great snack for when he came home from school. It was better than hamburger helper food.

My kids didn't really want to eat this. I was more of a chore than an enjoyable experience.

The kids did not like this, they said it did not taste good.

My daughters did not like this one either. They looked at me like you really want me to eat this??? I will not be putting these on my shopping list anytime soon.

Not one to keep in our family. The flavor was bland, they didn't like the sauce, and the noodles were rather mushy. Not impressed.