Urban Decay Naked Palette

Urban Decay Naked Palette

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I love this! The colors are great and it lasts all day!!

I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with this pallet. It has such rich and beautiful colors that seriously last and shimmer. I've never much cared for any particular pallet before, as I'm very picky with what eyeshadow I use, but I have used every single shadow in this pallet, with no disappointment. It is so worth the money and it lasts for a very long time.

This makeup drank is very popular and I like all the nurtral colors.

My favorite eyeshadow! Great pigmentation & color that lasts all day.

I really really wanted to get this pallet, but I couldn't bring myself to spend that much on ONE pallet. I found a dupe, Coastal Scents Revealed. All 3 of their pallets (with hints of a 4th) are amazing and the colors match almost identically with Naked. Same mixture of Mattes and Glitters. And they are only $15 on amazon.

I use this palette every time I do my makeup. It is kind of a splurge since it is quite pricey, but if you wear a lot of neutral eye looks, then it is definitely worth the money.

Fantastic, strong pigmentation and goes on smoothly and is so gentle! Great staying power even without a primer, manages to stay without creasing all day and night! However, my friend and I share one of these because it is just too expensive for us.

Love!! 💕 The thing is if you want to have quality products you have to spend the $$. If you have never tried "high end" products then you really can't fathom how eye shadow can be so different BUT it is. The pigments are soooooo much better in better products. We own Naked 1,2&3 and absolutely love the Urban Decay products. I have 3 (very picky) daughters and they ALL love Urban Decay. The favorite Naked pallet is Naked 2, and I guess it's because it is so neutral. A new Naked Smokey pallet just hit the market and we are definitely getting that one too. If you have never tried it just go into ULTA or Seohora they have them on display with testers available and just try it. The colors are true and last all day. You will never want anything on your eyes 👍🏼

This eye shadow palette is a big part of my daily routine it is definitely worth the money really great quality. Love love love.

I love to wear make up and try new ones. It looking really gourgious I am waiting for mine.

I love this product!!!! one of the best one out there. I cant go out without these eye shadows. Last long too.

LOVE this palette. I don't use eye shadow on a daily bases, so this palette has lasted me a good 3 years. The pigmentation on this palette is AMAZING. Colors are beautiful. I absolutely LOVE Urban Decay

I absolutely love Urban Decay and particularly the Naked eye shadow palettes. They are nice natural hues that always seem to flatter the skin tones. My daughters have both borrowed my palatte and they love the colors and they are better at blending than I am, so they taught me a few things about applying the shadows. The only small con for me, is that there is a little bit of "dust spill" if you put a bit too much on your brush. I wear contacts so I am very aware of this. I have also tried putting the colors on with a slightly moistened brush and the colors look great applied that way as well!

My favorite eyeshadow!!! You can use this for daytime or nighttime, very versatile.

Love the urban decay naked palette! This is one of my favorite eye shadows.