Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

Tostitos Artisan Recipes Roasted Garlic and Black Bean Tortilla Chips

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I enjoy this brand of chips, but I was a little disappointed when I tried these. They are a little grainy to me, but not terrible. I could see myself trying them again to give it a second chance.

these are my favorite snack!! I love the flavor, and they go great with salsa :)

These chips have a great flavor to them.

These chips are crunchy and wonderful. Glad that they are healthy too. My favorite food is chips! These chips provide interesting texture and flavor variety. Buy them; they are fabulous!

We love these chips! Great with dips or crunched up and put on top of chili!

Just had these chips at a friend's house. I love the flavor and consistency. My one problem with them is that they are high in fat. We eat a pretty low fat diet and would love to see these chips made with less fat. Yes, it can be done, other brands have successfully lowered the fat in chips without compromising on flavor. I buy those brands all the time, but they don't have these creative flavors. Maybe Tostitos can be the first!

The.Best.Chips.Ever! Great flavor, not too much flavor...awesome!

Love these! Used to be the only flavored tortilla chips were Doritos and I hate the powdery, fake cheese flavor on them not to mention the sodium. This product has a wonderful taste, not overly salty and the price is right!

These are pretty yummy! They are a bit expensive for what we usually spend, but we really like the taste we usually dont get them unless its a special gathering but they are for sure our go to chips for special occasions, if there werent so expensive we would have them in the house at all times.

Kind of expensive, these chips are okay tasting. I still prefer sun chips or baked lays. They have an odd after taste that isn't very fun to have lingering in your mouth.

I got these on the 4th of July when I was making my famous queso dip and everyone loved the added flavor that these chips brought. I love how the garlic flavor is noticeable, but not overpowering as garlic can sometimes be.

tasty, black bean and garlic is my favorite!

My sister introduced me to these chips, I did not want to try them but she kept insisting that they were great so I tasted one and it was delicious. I would definitely be buying these from now on :)

Amazing flavor, a great alternative to the boring tortilla chip