Coca Cola Diet Coke

Coca Cola Diet Coke

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I drink it everyday! It is my favorite soda.

I like Diet Coke, when I'm in a cola mood. But I'm more of a Diet Dr. Pepper girl! My friends Tara and Brooke get a 32 oz every day!

LOVE this drink. I have to have one every morning or I just don't feel myself. It did take me some time to acquire the taste for it, but now anything else is out of the question.

Diet coke gives me a sweet fix! I like to pair it with salty foods! In my opinion way better than Pepsi.

Yuck! I dont like the taste at all. Coke Zero is better if dieting. Real coke is the best!!

I have a love/hate relationship with Diet Coke. Part of me feels like I shouldn't drink it, because it can't be healthy, and another part of me just craves one in the early afternoon.