Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

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I finally received a cast iron skillet from my husband, but it wasn't a Lodge. I am hoping to get one this year for Christmas. I have let him know that Lodge is the best, and I very much want one. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I could not even imagine not having an iron skillet in my kitchen, love it!

I love my cast iron skillets. I have 3 that I use in rotation daily. Just make sure that you re-season the skillets. It makes all the difference in the world when it comes to items NOT sticking to the pan.

Lodge cast iron is what I primarily use to cook with & have for 20 + years. It is the best & worth the extra money. It will last not only my lifetime, but my children & their children as well. Easy to use, cooks evenly & easy to clean.

I have had their skillets for many years. I brown, simmer, saute in them. Use my deeper ones for roasts instead of turning the oven on. Can't say enough...

it is a great cooking pan

could not even imagine not having cast iron cookware

The best for cooking cornbread!!!

perfect cornbread everytime!