Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

Sensodyne Iso-Active Multi-Action Toothpaste

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This toothpaste is wonderful. I have always used sensodyne and now it's even better.

This is perfect for those of us with sensitive teeth.

This toothpaste actually helps my sensitive teeth and its the only toothpaste that I use! I really recommend it!

I have horribly sensitive teeth and this toothpaste is awesome! No pain or swelling of the gums. I swear by this product.

The tooth gel was pretty neat. It foamed as soon as I started brushing. My teeth felt squeaky clean. My issue is not with the toothpaste itself but with the container. When you finish putting it on your toothbrush it still oozes out so toothpaste gets either all over the cap or just trickles down the side of the container. Its a bit of a pain. I would buy it ,but only if it were on sale or if I had a coupon.

I have very sensitive teeth and since I started using this toothpaste my teeth are not sensitive to hot and cold. Love it.

I love using Sensodyne toothpaste. I started using it because all other toothpastes gives me canker sores. I use Sensodyne and don't get them at all anymore.

I really like this toothpaste makes my teeth feel really clean and fresh what i dont like is that you dont get very much for the price...

This is truly a great toothpaste. Your mouth really feels clean after you use it.

best toothpaste ever

I love this product.It works great on my sensitive teeth.Ever since i was able to try this via SheSpeaks,i always make sure i buy when i almost run out.I highly recommend this!!

I wasn't thrilled with the taste initially but I did get used to it. I love the foaming feeling and how long my teeth and mouth feel clean after brushing. The pump was a little messy and for someone who throws the toothpaste back in the drawer like me it can a set back. Over all a great product and I would buy it again if I had a coupon.

Love, love, LOVE, this product. Leaves my teeth unbelievably white and shiny.

I tried it, and it did go easy on my sensitive tooth, but it just didn't match up in taste to what I'm used to. Didn't like the pump, it although convenient, it "leaked" toothpaste after pumping it onto my brush. Would recommend it if you have a problem tooth, but not so much for the regular brusher.

Love this product. I was using the regular sensitive toothpaste since my dentist recommended it for pain. I saw the commercial for this toothpaste and had a coupon. Love that it foams and gets into all the spaces for a good cleaning and gets all the teeth.