Alouette Baby Brie Cheese

Alouette Baby Brie Cheese

              Rated #10 in Dairy
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Love this cheese! Great for a impromtu party or a nice appetizer or a little get totgether! All around great product.

This is some wonderful cheese. The best way that I and my family enjoys baby brie is to slightly toast it on a buttery croissant. It is amazing. It has a very delicate flavor and melts perfectly. I have sometimes just eaten it straight out of the container with apples or grapes. Good stuff!!!

My kids love this chees it is there favorit but it has to be on a serten kind of toast . the price is good.

Thank You for sharing! There is so many varieties of brie... well cheese in general and I have often wondered what would be a good one to try. I will be giving this one a try. Thanks again! :)

i had this cheese for a wine tasting party ITS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD

I love love love brie cheese, I will definitely have to try this particular brand now :)

love spreading it on crackers! with red wine...:)

I love this cheese!

I tried this and thought it was great, very smooth and lots of flavor, with good texture.

No opion, as my husband taste tested. He is the brie eater. LFF

Very good! Creamy, no 'off' flavors, good value!

This is a great cheese! Goes well with everything!

I could not find the wedge, so I applied my coupon towards the round. So, while not free, it was quite inexpensive. I love brie, especially on the slightly warm side. So, I cut wedges and put them on a plate, and warmed them up in the microwave. Yummy! I think I might email the store and ask if they would carry the wedges too.

I love the fact that this cheese spreads, great and the flavor Awesome!!!