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Pampers Diapers

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Need a blowout band Pampers are a decent diaper, but I don't like the fact that they don't have a "blowout band" at the top of the rear side. It just allows everything to shoot right up and out the back.

BEST DIAPERS EVER This here is the best of the best, I started using it with my first child and will not go back.

These diapers work great! No leaking problems, they can be pricey but if you find coupons helps! Great for sensitive skin as well!

Can I Say Super-Absorbent I love Love LOVE Pampers diapers. I have tried other brands, and have often found that my poor baby would end up with the diaper leaking, instead of absorbing. My little girl seems to find these more comfortable (as comfortable as a diaper can be I suppose).

I recently had a baby and my boyfriend who had a child before said that pampers was the best diapers out there. I of course went out when we ran out of the pampers from my baby shower and bought some other brand because they were cheaper. Never again! I don't care about spending six more dollars. Less leaks with these diapers and the line of front that shows when the diaper is full is fantastic!

Best Diaper ever I have been using pampers for my toddler ever she was born. And I absolutely love it. her skin is sensitive but we had no diaper rash problems with pampers Diapers.

Best brand ever No doubt! When it comes to diapering Pampers is the most trusted brand. The diaper doesn't smell or leaks and my babies feel comfortable in it. They all sleep troguh the night. Excellent for sensitove baby skin.

Best for little bums Besides the occasional early morning blow out, these diapers are the best! No issues with allergies, great absorbance, and all for a reasonable price. We will continue to use pampers for years to come.

My go-to for gifts and self purchase I buy Pampers as gifts and plan to buy for my grandchild that is due. I have always loved Pampers because they seem to be the best for sensitive skin. My grandaughter could not use other brands and Pampers was the final try or we were going to cloth.

Best diaper brand I love this brand, it's soft and fits baby perfect from newborn to 1! Hospital rencomended as well

Amazing pampers Pampers are a absolute must have in my home, only diaper brand any of my littles have been able to use without breaking out. Even my go to brand to gift to families in need in the local outreach program I work with.

Pampers are awesome diapers. I have put them on all my kids and grandkids and we have never had a problem with allergies or rashes. Pampers are the ,most absorbent diaper I have ever seen by far. They may not be the best price, but if you want quality then Pampers are the way to go.

Dislike the Cotton Residue left behind We tried these diapers for our daughter, who was born this year. I have always heard great reviews about the Pampers Swaddlers, I just don't like them as much as everyone else. The diapers left a cotton residue on her bottom and that bothered me that they seemed to fall apart or tear while she wears them. We stopped purchasing these and switched to another brand, that is more organic.

I love Pampers products! I use the wipes too, but I espically love the diapers. They keep my baby dry, with no leaking. I'd definitely recommend their products!

Best diaper ever! I love using Pampers diapers. All three of my kids wore Pampers. They have a nice baby power smell to them and are soft feeling. Now they have the line on them that turns blue when the diaper is wet or dirty which is an excellent feature.