Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I really love this cereal. It has a naturally sweet flavor unlike most cereals on the market that either taste like cardboard or candy in a bowl of milk! It also seemed to hold the crunch factor longer than most other cereals. I've never had Kashi before but now I'm SOLD!!!

I generally like Kashi products but I did not care for this cereal at all. The consistency was the first turn off for me plus it was much too sweet; I ended up throwing out the majority of the sample.

I think it tasted like sweetened cardboard pieces.

I really wanted to enjoy this cereal because I like Captain Crunch cereal and this cereal reminds me of it. However, this cereal was just ok. It was not that tasty, and it had a cardboard taste. My children did not like it either.

Got a sample in the mail the other day. It's ok. It has a nice honey flavor, but went soggy in the milk within just a few minutes, which was disappointing. My parrot thought it was pretty tasy though! LOL I probably wouldn't buy this...

This cereal was pretty good. Sometimes the Kashi cereals aren't sweet enough for my taste but this one was. It does get soggy very quickly though.

My BF LOVES this cereal! We usually buy it when it's on sale (cereal in general is so expensive!) and he's always jazzed when Kashi goes on sale. This is probably his favorite flavor, but most of the others are tasty, too. My favorite is Island Vanilla (more like shredded wheat texture.)

I bought it yesterday and already ate 3 bowls

I got a free sample of the Oat Flakes with Wild Blueberry Clusters. I really liked it and did go to the store to buy a full size box. It will definately be on my grocery list from now on.

I tride the Kashi Go Lean Crunch it was excellent. It was not too sweet and just a great combination of crunch and almonds. It did not taste like cardboard. I would definitely buy this again

For me this is a great snack mid day at work, to give you that little boost to get you through the 3:00 stretch. Didn't love it with milk, but pop a few in a yogurt and it gives you a added crunch, without the sogginess.

I hated this stuff. I thought the taste was just terrible.

i thought it was gross.

it looked so sweet and yummy like the cap'n crunch my son was enjoying. . . i took a big spoonful and - was SO disappointed! i thought it was a little stale-ish feeling - like it wasn't super crunchy or sweet like i thought. sigh - i'd already got my full size free box from the store. . . guess that'll be going to the food donations box.

My husband enjoyed the sample, but the cost of the product is expensive.