Kashi Cereal

Kashi Cereal

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I like kashi cereal it has good selection of cereal, i like the taste and that is good for you.

I love Kashi cereals!!! They taste awesome, and not too sweet!! The part I like the most about them is that they are organic!!!They are healthy and fill you up. I would definitely recommend this to my friends :)

Have loved this for long time (years) its not Capt n crunch, thank goodness cz, that wrecks the roof of my mouth.. This Kashi cereal is lightly sweet is great for snacking or breakfast. My youngest son had not complained after trying this when I replaced this with no more captain. Obviously its not going to be an exact match but Kashi has health in mind. Sooooooo!

Taste good and not too sweet even my son enjoyed it

Good taste and great for my family.

Yummy I think for such a healthy cereal these are absolutely delicious!!!!!!!

i recently tried it it was okay not bad but not amazing either.

This cereal wasn't too bad. I thought the taste was a little bland, It seemed to get soggy quickly too. I dont' think I would buy it since there are other healthy cereals I like better. Sorry :(

I was also not very impressed with the lack of vitamins contained. I expected more. although there were natural ingredients there were 0% on most vitamins.

i recived a coupon from kashi for this cereal it took me weeks to find it but its a great one want to try the rest. had a good taste, and didn't knock my sugar up as i am a diabetic and have to watch what i eat but this cereal made the grade

The taste is a lot like Cheerios to me, with fluffiness. It isn't my favorite cereal, but I would buy it again due to the healthiness factor.

My husband enjoyed the sample, but the cost of the product is expensive.

This cereal was pretty good. Sometimes the Kashi cereals aren't sweet enough for my taste but this one was. It does get soggy very quickly though.

Got a sample in the mail the other day. It's ok. It has a nice honey flavor, but went soggy in the milk within just a few minutes, which was disappointing. My parrot thought it was pretty tasy though! LOL I probably wouldn't buy this...

I really wanted to enjoy this cereal because I like Captain Crunch cereal and this cereal reminds me of it. However, this cereal was just ok. It was not that tasty, and it had a cardboard taste. My children did not like it either.