Suave 24-Hour Invisible Solid Anitperspirant Deodorant

Suave 24-Hour Invisible Solid Anitperspirant Deodorant

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I have only ever used this product so obviously it is awesome: no need to change!

Worked well. I'm not sure if I actually tried testing it against a black shirt or anything but it did keep me dry and smelling FANTASTIC!!!

Don't waste your money on high priced deoderants. Suave is the best for the lowest price. You can't go wrong with Suave

This product started to mix with sweat and stink after a couple of uses. I prefer Secret and Dove.

Suave deoderant is a great product for the price. It works great at first but starts to lose its effectiveness after awhile of using it. I end up having to switch to a different brand after awhile but then can come back to suave.

I think Suave produces some decent products and this is one of them. I always bought Suave when I was in college. Bottom line their products are affordable.

I have used this deodorant for years and it has never let me down. I used to get it mainly because of the price. The only reason it got 4 out of 5 is beceause of the known toxic chemicals most deodorants (like this one) have.

I really like this product, it is super cheap but gets the job done leaving me smelling fresh and keeping the moisture to a minimum. It does, however, leave some white marks on clothing... but if you like this product you should try the spray version, it doesn't leave any marks and works the exact same.

This is what I always use over other brands. I love it!

I don't really like this deoderant. I will use it if I have to. It leaves white marks on my clothes & I end up reapplying it several times a day. My armpits feel sticky when I put it on.

Didn't like this product much. I prefer Secret Flawless Clear. This Suave brand doesn't alway go on clear.

LOVE LOVE works great for a great price.

If I am short on money this is just as good as secret. It keeps my underarms dry and smells very good.

It doesnt work! Secret and Dove are waaaaaaay better

Really like this deoderant, works well smells great and doesn't leave residue all over!