Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara

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Gives your lashes beautiful length!

I love this mascara. Very good at both lengthening and adding volume to my lashes. Inexpensive compared to MAC and Lancome mascaras.

I was very satisfied with this. I already have long, thick lashes, so the volume it gave my lashes was spectacular. Very easy to apply and didn't clump at all. I would recommend this product to all my friends.

Love the waterproof version also

I have many mascaras, this is the one I always reach for. No matter how many I have and want to use, this Colossal Volume Express is my favorite! I actually have multiples in case I run out. It thickens my lashes so much without the spider effect. Love IT!

Best mascara in a long time for me!

Im on my third one, I love it! Its hard to find a good mascara.

I LOVE this mascara. It provides me with everything I need in a mascara; volume, length, AND separation!! I have purchased this repeatedly because it lives up to its expectations.

Love this mascara! I also love their other mascaras like "The Falsies" purple one too. This one's great because it really lifts and volumizes your lashes. I've gotten so many people who ask me what mascara I'm wearing because my eyelashes look so long! It's wonderful I love it!

I;ve used many brands an types of mascara but since finding this, I haven't looked back or even wanted to try another. I even got asked once if I had false lashes on, so it works well defining your lashes. I love the color, it doesn't clump and it looks amazing by itself or with other make-up.

Maybelline has never let me down! They continuously produce exceptional trendy products, and the Colossal Volume Express Mascara exceeds expectations. When they say its clump free they are not kidding, the mascara goes on smooth, does not clump, and dries quickly, eliminating those annoying blink marks on your upper eyelid. Colossal is an understatement! Provides the volume and look of falsies with out all the hassle. Fairy priced as well.

i feel maybeline has the best one coat mascara, it never clumps and always goes on great,you can apply 2 or more coats of this and not clump

i like this product a lot, i use it everyday, it definitely makes eyelashes full and longer. everyone compliments how long they look when im wearing it .

I love mascara that stays put. This does a pretty good job of not running and giving you raccoon eyes. It also gives more volume and lenght.

I usually hate waterproof mascara, but bought it by mistake. I found that I LOVED this mascara, so I quickly bought the regular version. I was surprised and disappointed with the non waterproof version. The waterproof is the best mascara this mascara junkie has ever used!! It gives me long, full lashes (and I mean **LONG**). It doesn't make my lashes clump together like so many do, especially with multiple coats. I can use two coats if I just want OK lashes, but seriously, who ever wants just OK lashes? But three or four coats and I have va va va voom klashes!! I've tried so many mascara's that claim to give you 'false lash es' look, but never really did. This mascara really does. I don't know why the waterproof version is so much better, but it's a small inconvenience to use a tougher makeup remover when I get such amazing results!! Long, thick, lush lashes that are seperated - but ARE NOT clumped together. Lashes are still left soft and not hard and rigid, but still hold a curl all day and doesn't flake or smear. Is there anything negative about this mascara? Heck no!! Plus it's less than six bucks!! What more could you ask for?!?! Nothing in my happy opinion. :-)