Gillette  Venus Embrace 5 Blade Razor

Gillette Venus Embrace 5 Blade Razor

              Rated #4 in Shaving & Hair Removal
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88% Recommended
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I love this product...very smooth.

I love this razor. It cuts so close and leaves you so smooth.

I enjoy using all the Venus Razors...very close, smooth shave...

love this razor!

I have been using this razor since it first came out, I love it. No shaving cream needed and I love the way it makes my legs feel.

I have been using Venus for several months now and have purchased refills. It hangs in place in our shower and I will continue to use.

I have been using this razor since they first came out and love it! Wouldn't trade for any other

I used the intuition razor for quite a few years and for my b-day my mom had picked up the Venus rasor for me to try ...i love it it keeps my skin nice and smooth and i never get little red bumps on my legs armpits or bikini area. Great razor and they always have coupons for it which makes it eve better!!

I love this razor and also depending on which one you get it comes with a holder to hang up in the shower.

I love my Venus! Although they may be pricey, there's always coupons and then sales on top of it.

Never nick myself with this one. Love it.

Love this razor!!! This is all I will buy!! Little costly though.

Best razor I have ever used

I love this razor too! I really like the hanger that comes with it too, keeps the razor and cartridges out of the way and keeps it from falling into the shower! The razor gives a great shave moisturizing my dry legs and they feel silky smooth afterwards.