Febreze Air Effects

Febreze Air Effects

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I definitely prefer Febreze air freshener to other air fresheners. However, I do think that the commercials are slightly deceiving. I don't think that Febreze completely eliminates odors (although it does a better job than other products). You can still tell if you are standing in a dirty, mold infested space.

Great variety. I have several different ones but the scent does not last long. Average value. I do like the fact coupons are offered often.

Now here is a product I use everywhere I can. IN the kithcen, in living room, bathroom, bedrooms, vehicles, laundry on lines out side. This is a great deoterizer for those who have smelly odar shoes/boots, and cloths.

Fresh and smells really good.My house is always fresh with febreze.

Always buy it for my home, never let me down. Smell so nice and gentle to my nose.

In a big family such as mine, you come across a lot of strange smells. Especially because we are all so active. This air spray gives the home a very clean and natural smell. It makes odors completely go away and doesn't just cover it up. I use this every day.

Great scent but not very long lasting.

It works quick and has a nice scent!

I like the fresh sent that it gives leaves my bathroom smelling fresh and clean

I was debating on whether to review this because I have allergies/asthma that often make me very sensitive to any smells or house sprays (perfume is fine) but we do have one in the bathroom that smells lemony/summery and I really enjoy it. It also is nice in the kitchen after I have cleaned if there is any lingering odors that may be around. In the summer I like to open all the windows and "air out" the apartment, but in the winter when this isn't as easy febreze helps keep things fresh!

This air freshener is great! Actually gets rid of the bad odor instead of just covering it up! It works quick and has a nice scent! Good variety also!

Simply love how fresh the air is after using one of these. It freshens and gets rid of bad scents both. Its not overpowering either a huge bonus!

Works very well making my son's shoes not smell up the house

I love Febreze scents, but before the container is completely used most of them stop spraying. This is true of about 90% of the containers I've used and believe me, we use a lot of them. They are very good for use in bathrooms and pet areas outside.

I love all the different fragrances. Just wish the smell lasted as long as they say it does.