Naked Juice Drinks

Naked Juice Drinks

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Amazing healthy drink These are so yummy. They are a little expensive but definatly worth it. I feel like I have more energy when I drink them. I used to drink 2 of them a day to get me through my work shift.

Delicious These drinks are delicious and they are good for you at the same time so it's a win win in my book

I work in a hospital and sometimes don't have time to eat a complete meal. These Naked drinks are so tasty and delicious plus are healthy what more could you ask for? Try one the last is amazing.

real stuff real good too my favorite smoothies actually enough real fruit in them to actually benefit from

I love these juices, full of all kinds of good stuff and my kids love them so that's a plus!

On the go goodness Naked Juice Drinks are perfect for packing along on a road trip, bike ride, beach outing, or wherever you need quick nourishment that is delicious and satisfying. I love smoothies, but when I am on the go and can't blend one up, I grab a Naked juice for quick replenishment to hold me over until meal time. Bonus: kids love 'em too!

Pretty good drink Depending upon the flavor of the Naked juice drinks, they are fairly good in taste. I really like the strawberry banana which tastes like a smoothie. They are delicious and are a great snack. Some of the flavors I can not get down because of the looks of them such as the green drink. They are fairly costly so I like to purchase them on sale. They are also a heavier drink compared to juices so they do fill you up quickly. I would recommend the strawberry banana flavor to others.

sweet treat! I really like the blueberry flavored naked. They taste sweet and fruity, and it's way healthier than a bag of candy or a soda pop! It's not a health drink, it's more like a smoothie. So if you're looking for some all natural fruits, with no sugar added, this isn't what you're looking for, but if you're looking for a Sweet treat with a few benefits, it's perfect for you! Plus it's really fun to say you're getting naked. (:

Naked Fruit Juice These fruit smoothies are delicious and refreshing, but rather high in sugar content. They are also pretty pricey, but I do like to indulge in one once in a while.

Be and Informed Consumer The drinks seem healthy, but after reading the label, you won't think that any more. The way they market the product and the bottles appeal make it seem like a good choice. Be and informed consumer and read the entire label.

Yummy but high in sugar These are very yummy. There isn't a single flavor that I don't LOVE. BUT be careful, they contain a lot of sugar and one container is more than one single serving. So calories add up fast.

No complaints here I'm Partial to the strawberry banana flavor my self. I gulp it down so fast, super cold, super fruity and sweet.

The Naked Truth These are delicious and so healthy! I don't make smoothies at home, because I don't have them often. As an alternative, I will purchase NAKED drinks when I am in the mood for something along the lines of a smoothie. You can see that you are getting fruits and vegetables and how much of each. They are great!

Good juices For the most part the naked juices taste good and are easy to find in my grocery store. They are refreshing and fast more like fruit than vegetables and some r really sweet. I do not prefer the protein naked juices they leave a chalky taste in your mouth.

So tasty and refreshing! Absolutely, love these! They taste amazing, some flavors are better then others, but overall I'd have to say they are a fabulous refreshing treat. Even my pickiest of eater I can get to drink these!