DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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I tried the berry flavor this week. I added a packet to a 24 oz water bottle and the flavor was very diluted and mild, I didn't mind it at all. It worked well for me, I had been at a conference the beginning of the week and was very dehydrated, but the drip drop got me back on the right path quickly. I'll keep it around!

I have a hard time getting my son to have enough to drink during the day. He has headaches frequently because of this. I gave him some drip drop when he started having a headache. The headache went away sooner than normal. He loves the flavor of the berry. He now will ask to have some when he comes in from school. This will now be staple in my home.

We were fortunate to be allowed this opportunity to try drip drop. Our youngest daughter caught a cold and she neither felt like eating or drinking much. At home I'm able to mix the drip drop for her in a water bottle and keep it in the fridge for her to sip now and again and she liked the flavor. I also love that it comes in a little dry mix packet so I can put it in my purse and take it along with me while we're out. I tried some after a workout as well and I did feel more hydrated and I prefer the taste to other sports drinks on the market.

mine were teething bad stomach and i gave them this and they loved it. couldnt have come at a better time.

I walk 3.5 miles each morning and thought this would be great to take along with me. I tried it in my water and it is not for me. I sampled the berry flavor and it has a strange berry flavor. The drink also tasted very salty. I had my husband try a sip too and he agreed. After drinking this I did not feel hydrated. My mouth felt very dry. I will stick with water.

I think the DripDrop Product is a good product. I would like to keep it on hand, especially for when members of the family are ill and hydration is very very important. Recently I wasn't well, and used this to ensure I was keeping adequately hydrated. Even is great made into popsicles! I would highly recommend this product for everyone, especially during the cold and flu season.

awesome taste and easy to use and portable. can take with you anywhere. great product and will definately purchase for future use. thank you

Hated the after taste absoulutely horrible so I check the ingredients and of course it has aspartame an artificial sweetener used in many diet products that makes the after taste of any product disgusting ! I would stick to pedilyte or Gatorade with water instead of this

I tried a packet of my berry flavor and after two small sips I had gut rot! So I did not drink it all. The taste was not to my liking but maybe if I mixed it with more water rather than the 8 oz it called for it wouldn't have been so yucky. I will test it out with my kids at basketball tomorrow and see how they like it..thank you

I tried a single serving of this product 2 days in a row and it made me feel, for lack of a better word, swollen. It made my head hurt, my ears hurt, and my skin feel like it was going to pop. I don't know if this had to do with the hydration effect or could have been some kind of adverse reaction. I felt fine before drinking it, and miserable after.

I received the berry flavor a couple of days ago. My family of 6 tried them and they all liked them. I was grateful they came when they did, because with our furnace we sometimes wake up a little dry from it running all night. From drinking the Drip Drop we didn't have the dry throats, we normally do. So, it does do what it says. I also Love that it has no dyes in them. That was a real plus for me!

My two and I were given the chance to try this product. My kids asked for it again the next day and liked the flavor. I liked that it wasn't full of artificial ingredients, though I was not in love with the flavor. I see that it also comes in lemon and I think I'd much prefer that flavor. I'd definitely keep this on hand for my kids, especially if they're sick.

I like that this is what they use in hospitals, i dont think i would drink it every day but i will make sure to keep it on hand when family gets the flu or incase of dehydration. i liked the flavor and ease of use!

I thought the flavor was a bit sweet, but I do feel like I'm much more hydrated. My kids thought it was a bit sour. I also had trouble getting it to dissolve. It's definitely tastier than other hydration products on the market.

The package of Drip Drops arrived just in time to help out with several of my children dealing with a virus over the weekend. I had a hard time keeping them hydrated since they are not big water drinkers. They did sip the Drip Drop berry flavor, and it did make keeping them hydrated a little easier. The taste is a little off, in my opinion (it almost had a metallic, medicine taste to it), but my kids liked it. Maybe some of the other flavors would be better. I would definitely be willing to try the line of products. The pros: 1) portable 2) not laden with a host of artificial ingredients like similar products. The cons: 1) funky taste.