DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

DripDrop Hydration Powder - Berry

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I received the berry flavored sample. Unfortunately, I did not care for the taste at all. I thought it was overly sweet and it had an odd medicinal taste. I had to add additional water to try to make it better. My daughter did not care for the taste either. Hopefully the other flavors are better.

My product arrived the other day at the most PERFECT timing. The kids were just getting over the flu. Dehydration was a concern, & filling them up with sugars was another. We were ready to go spend an arm & leg on the name brand children's electrolyte drink at the pharmacy. The berry flavor Drip Drop was a life saver! & the kids didn't even bat an eye :) They really enjoyed it & it was perfect to pour into their individual water bottles, to keep the contamination of their bug down. Between the kids, my husband & I, we all thought this product was a win! Not only did it do it's job, it tasted great & left no strange aftertaste. The individual packs are great for the on-the-go parents & fit in a bag perfectly. Plus I love that they are individually packed. I hate wasting the expensive drinks because we may only need the a few times a year

This product arrived a few days ago. My family has since tried it and likes it a lot. It is convenient and kept everyone hydrated. We tend to buy Gatorade for lunches and on the go drinks, but it would be nice to have a few of these stashed away in my purse or in the car and just pick up a water bottle here and there which is a fraction of the price.

worked really well at keeping me hydrated would highly recommend this to persons working in a very active work field.

My free sample arrived. What a great product, both my kids are athletes and dehydration is always on my mind. My 14 &.6 year olds both like it. I will be looking to see where I can buy Drip Drop and will be adding it to my monthly shopping trip. We enjoyed the flavor of the Berry and looking forward to trying the lemon flavor.

I received this product in the mail. My 3 year old son does not like to drink plain water, so I added this to his water, and he loved it.

great product does make you feel hydrated it is great for adults and children tastes extreemly good. Good job

This tastes so much better than Pedialyte. I'm glad I have something that my kids will drink when they are not keeping anything down. Thanks!

This tasted sooooooo much better than the "G" aid drink! I also loved the packets !..these are great for travel/take along needs! I will be keeping these on hand at home as well as in my bag!

I tried Dripdrop and I have to say that the flavor is good. I think it works since I noticed an improvement. My kid liked it as well, so it is good for the whole family. I tried the berry flavor and even though I am not a fan, I was able to drink it.

The berry flavor was great tasting, but like many others had said, it's better when mixed with a larger quanity of water. It's easy enough to use, it took a little bit of an effort to dissolve it, but that's fine with me. I love the fact that I can slide it into my purse or diaper bag without any problems. Side note: I imagine this would be stellar for a hangover.

My product arrived a couple of days ago and I have been taking it ever since. Flavor is great, a bit in the sweet side for me. I have been trying to eat healthy and increase my fluid intake and this product not only tastes great but makes it more appealing to drink up during the day. I carry a couple packages in my purse and my to go drink at restaurants is water 👍👍 add some drip drop and voila!

This came right after I had been going through an extremely busy time and was getting dehydrated. I really liked the flavour and could tell it gave me exactly the refreshment and hydration I had benn needing. I'll be picking up more to keep on hand in the house for this upcoming season!

We drink a lot of water in my family, so I was not too worried about dehydration. However my son caught a cold last week and I gave him this instead of water mixed with a bit of apple juice. He liked it fine, but seeing he already drinks water or a bit of juice in water when he is sick, I really do not have a need for this product.

Both my son's and I tried the product and I used one packet with 16 oz of water and my boys used it according to package . 8oz of water and 1 package my son said it had a medicinal aftertaste so I mixed it with 16 oz of water an he liked better.