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Pampers Diapers

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I have always preferred pampers never had an issue with leakage. I have tried others not to impressed.

I Love Pampers. I've used stored brand, Huggies, and Pampers is my favorite. It's thin and it is also soft. It does leak occasionally. I've used swaddlers, swaddlers sensitive, and cruisers. I use Pampers sensitive wipes as well and my son hardly ever has a rash or reaction to the diapers or wipes.

I love Pampers (both swaddlers and cruisers).. I refuse to use anything else!!! The are not as bulky as Huggies and really stop the leaks!

Great products. I've tried all brands and these by far are the best. I didn't bother with any other brand when I had my daughter. The only problem I've had is the occational broken tab.

Love them!

I like pampers swaddlers too. I love how it feels but they are too pricey for me.

I love Pampers, I have tried almost all of the other diapers out there (have done many reviews of other brands) and Pampers have kept my son the driest; the only time he leaked was when he hadn't been changed for more than half a day. Love Pampers!

We've tried Target brand, wal-mart brand, Huggies, and Sam's Club brand diapers. Pampers is by far the best diaper. Pampers is less bulky and easy on sensitive skin. My daughter rarely has leaks and she uses the regular diapers to sleep in.

I really love pampers swaddlers!!! I have been using them on my son since he was born. I tried a few others like including Huggies and wasn't as pleased as I was with the Swaddlers.

My daughter's been out of diapers for 7 months but I never could use Pampers for my her. No matter which kind (Baby Dry, Cruisers, etc.) we would end up with leaks and blow outs (yuck!) all the time. We also had some problems with Huggies but that was more of a quality control issue and they were quick to remedy the situation when I complained. I always preferred Luvs to anything else and I always felt that they were the best value too.

It seems that Procter and Gamble are having financially issues and had to lower the quality of all their diapers and continue to charge the same prices. They were hoping that consumers would not notice the difference. It is a good thing that there are other companies like Costco, Target, and Huggies that value their consumers and not resort to low marketing ploys. Shame on you Procter and Gamble.