Naked Juice Drinks

Naked Juice Drinks

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I love these. I only buy em when I get paid cause they are pricey. I only one I dislike is the Green machine. I like most of the flavors.

I love this drink wish i could get coupons our samples of them

I really enjoy drinking Naked Juice

I love Naked juice so does my family. Even my 1 yr old although I have to water it down a bit for him. but hey they are getting healthy without any fuss. What more can a mom ask for.

I enjoy one after a good workout. the quality and taste is there:) This is a brand I use and love.

My family LOVES the Might Mango! We buy the larger containers at Costco we like the product so much.

I first discovered these in college about 6 years ago and became instantly addicted. They are a bit pricey for my budget, but I do splurge and get them on occasion. I love the "natural" taste of them, hence the name "naked".

I have loved every flavor I have tried, including the "green machine" flavor. What I love about this smoothie is that it tastes like you just whipped it up at home. Nothing artificial about it and it tastes so fresh. The only downside is the price. It does not seem to go on sale much, but for the quality I do not hesitate to buy on occasion!

Ooh I love these, especially the berry ones and the carrot juice. Just wish they were a little cheaper or on sale more often! I do dilute them sometimes with water to make 'em last longer.

The Lemongrass Citrus is my favorite. I wish i could find it by the case

These are great for the kids. I have had better tasting ones. But would use them for the health benefits and convenience.

This is the best energy boost! I now enjoy it more than coffee!

POWER C MACHINE!!! Oh my goodness Oh my goodness and all the goodness packed into one glass! And yeah for Costco's prices!

I have not tasted one I don't like! My kids love them and I feel good giving them this special "treat"!

I love these...they are such a treat. Loaded with calories and not very cheap but sometimes I just deserve this kind of healthy treat. Would love to re-create them at home!