Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

Hormel Compleats Kids Macaroni & Beef

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My younger brother tried this and thinks that it was decent, but needs more spices and wasn't very filling. He was impressed that the meal was ready in 45 seconds though.

My kids did not like any of these meals....also they smelled horrible to my husband and I! I won't be buying these in the future and gave the freebie coupons to friends, but they too said their kids didn't like them. Great concept and packaging makes them look yummy...BUT all 3 of my kids thought they were nasty.

Better than the canned one.Okay for a quick lunch.Three kids tried it.Two liked it okay,one didnt like at all.

Both my girls liked the dish. It was great and easy to prepare.

Although my son did like this one I thought it smelled alot like dog food

My 2 year old ate it, and she doesnt eat anything that she doesnt like. I tasted it and it was ok. I probably would eat one myself. Easy to make and easy to clean!

Kids loved it

little small more a snack then a meal and the package is hard to open

Very easy and fast to make. My daughter loved this one, tried this one last night.

This was the first meal my son choose to try, he loved it which is a miracle because he is an extremely picky eater and hates sauce. From a mom's point of view, I thought there was way too much sauce-definatly not something we could eat on the go.

My 10 year old ate and enjoyed this. He asked if we could buy again. I think the portions are better for my younger child but sill a good lunch size.

Can't wait to try these. Just received them today and will post later what the kids think of them.

My daughter really loved this one! Her exact words were "Wow, this is great!" We will definitely buy these.

"I like it and I want to try spaghetti too!", my daughter said.

good, easy, my kids loved it!:)