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  • MissxKrystal By  MissxKrystal    

    I recommend these to new moms because they always seem to work well with my children. No leaks, no rashes. They aren't bulky and fit nice on my little one

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  • Southernfreak By  Southernfreak    

    I love the pamper brand. I wish the swaddlers continued in the larger sizes. I have tried other brands but nothing came close to pampers.

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  • christina_weaver03 By  christina_weaver03    

    I have tried so many different diapers and Pampers are my favorite. They are amazing and hold so much better than others I have tried.

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  • mari95flores By  mari95flores    

    I have always been a pampers user but gotta say a have bumped into bad ones lately. But I would assume it was just a bad batch. (missing the closing tag/sticker). Overall pampers are for my daughter. :)

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  • Monsoonbreezes By  Monsoonbreezes    

    Love the pampers brand. We started with the swaddlers now using the baby dry. I also use pamper sensitive wipes for the little one and Im glad have not had any allergic reaction or rashes of any sort.

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  • blessedwithtwo By  blessedwithtwo    

    Pampers is the only brand we buy. Pamper cruiser work so good.. We bought Huggies and never again. The pee was actually coming out from the top of the pamper and she didn't even have a full diaper. As far as Pampers go it's the best!!

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  • nikismithwin By  nikismithwin    

    So very disappointed with this brand lately! Used to be all I use but the quality has gone down considerably while Huggies has gone way up. I mostly used Baby Dry but the tabs started breaking before I could get the diaper fastened (and no it's not because the diaper was to small and I wasn't pulling on it to hard) and then there was the issue with leaks and poop up the back and down the leg. The diaper falling apart, etc.

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  • tiredmom By  tiredmom    

    Pampers (cruisers, not baby dry) are good, but they would be great if they had elastic on the back like Huggies. Come on, who likes changing a baby with poo all the way up the back and all over the onesie.

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  • mickeythescorpion By  mickeythescorpion    

    love pampers swaddlers for 0-6 months, after that i've found that we needed to move up to the baby dry. pampers sensitive wipes are the only wipes we will use. if we use anything else our sensitive skinned baby breaks out in a rash. when we are low on cash we will buy acme store brand, never had a problem with them either.

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  • asalinas02 By  asalinas02    

    These are the ONLY diapers we use. We never have any issues with leaking and they always stay put. I always reccomend these to new parents.

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  • konigin By  konigin    

    PAMPERS are amazing. And if you ever have a problem their customer service ppl take care of you. It isn't very often that you find a company thAt still take care of their loyal customers. Sometimes I have to buy store brand when we are low on cash and I am in a bad mood until we get to buy Pampers again, haha. They are just plain better quality. Period.

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  • aniam03 By  aniam03    

    I love Pamers, especially the Pampers Wipes. I have tried the Dry Max, and was not fond of the product, however I will continue using Swaddlers & baby Dry products.

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  • david62803 By  david62803    

    I love pampers. They hold so much better than any other brand.

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  • made33 By  made33    

    I have always preferred pampers never had an issue with leakage. I have tried others not to impressed.

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  • faintlyevilgirl6 By  faintlyevilgirl6    

    I Love Pampers. I've used stored brand, Huggies, and Pampers is my favorite. It's thin and it is also soft. It does leak occasionally. I've used swaddlers, swaddlers sensitive, and cruisers. I use Pampers sensitive wipes as well and my son hardly ever has a rash or reaction to the diapers or wipes.

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