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I love pampers products.

I like the wipes. The diapers my daughter seems to "soak" through. It didn't seem to hold up to her diaper needs.

Before having a kid I knew nothing about diapers and tried just about every brand out there to find out which on was best. Hands down with out a doubt its pampers, they fit great, no leaks, no rashes and are a great price!

I have had 2 kids and just had my second only 5 days ago. I love pampers and are the only diapers I buy for our kids. I love the new improvements with the swaddlers diapers. It is nice to be able to see if they have peed or not without having to take off the diaper! Love them!

I can't say enough GOOD about Pampers. Ry doesn't leak, stink or breakout with Pampers Cruisers. He is in size seven, so the only place we can get them is online, which stinks, but for the quality and the convenience, I'm okay with that. We did, however, just figure out that Target's size 6 is comparable to the new Pampers size 7, so at least its an option in an emergency. Also, they just changed the design on the pampers and they are SUPER CUTE.

Swaddlers with the wetness indicator are wonderful! We may be a bit spoiled and I'm sure there are other options but we LOVE them and see no need to change.

I loved the swaddlers and used them on my son for his first few months.. but when he got older and we used the other pampers he leaked through all of them or they were so soft that they sagged really fast. Now that he is potty training I do use the pampers pull ups and love them.. So for us it just depended on what stage of diapers he was in.

I hate the new diapers! My daughter used swaddlers for the first 4 months of her life, and I liked them for the most part, my only complaint was that they leaked at night. Then once Max Drys started to take over she broke out in the worst rash I've ever seen. It was so raw I couldn't apply Diaper cream. At first I switched to Baby Dry which seemed to help at first until I bought a new box and she began to break out AGAIN! I switched to Huggies and have never had a problem since, they don't give her rashes and never leak. Go Huggies.

I also wish the swaddler where in larger sizes, I switched to huggies when my son out grew the swaddlers

i like the indicator strip on some of the diapers, it's much easier to tell if my little boy is wet because he doesn't always cry. I personally think diapers depend on the baby's body shape.


i use pampers on my 1st born it is very good and the wipes didnt irritate her like the other brand.

Pampers have been our 1st choice for both our boys but with money being tight and not alot of good coupons for Pampers we've been buying Huggies and Luvs as well. Huggies leak too much with my 2 year old (potty training is NOT easy).

I used to be a Pampers mom and bought nothing other than Pampers for my 4 oldest but I recently was given a package of Huggies and have fallen in love with them. I find that my newborn has less (as I like to call it) Explosions where poop goes up her back or just leaks.

Pampers are ok. But i see that girl leak out of them more then boys. So i use huggies!