Naked Juice Drinks

Naked Juice Drinks

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My husband love this and drinks it every morning. I like the taste but can't get past that awful green color.

My husband loves these...little pricey....but on occassion that is ok!

Love these! They are just too expensive, but they make a good treat.

Love Naked Juices -- they're fresh and pack a healthy punch. A little pricey, but now it's being sold at Costco for a better value!

this is the best stuff ever! The green may not look too appetizing, but the taste is simply amazing.. I am definitely a loyal customer again and again.

The juice is great but they are too expensive, will have to pass

Got a sample bottle once, is great, but too expensive for me. Love the taste, though.

i LOVE these drinks but just 2 expensive

Love these! Packed with lots of great nutrients and flavor. I find the texture to be a little thick, so I usually take a quick swig and then top it off with water, I find this makes it absolutely perfect! As a few others noted, it is expensive :( but still yummy!

Love them! Dont love the price but its better then junk drinks. Taste great!

love these juices, but they are a bit too expensive!

These are really good, I don't buy them every week, but often enough. the flavors are delightful

One of the best afternoon snack. My favorite is the the green machine (it would get 5 stars). However, the ones that contain protein sometimes choke me (3 stars for them) since it feels like chalk dust inside of the juice.

If I get sick I am looking for the green machine and it works like a wonder juice for me. This is indeed expensive yet when you know it will make you feel better you gotta have it.

This juice is amazing! The antioxidants are incredible! I always drink these when I'm sick and feel better in no time!