Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener

Downy Simple Pleasures Fabric Softener

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This fabric softener is awesome it leaves your clothes soft and smelling good.

Works great! Makes the clothes feel so soft and smell so good!

I love the smell of this product and how long your clothes stay fresh smelling. I am picky about cleaning product quality and don't mind spending a little extra but I still think it's a little overpriced. I still buy it and love it though.

I LOVE this fabric softener my clothes smell good several days after the wash. Is a bit expensive though.

I love the smell of my clothes after I have used Downy fabric softener. They smell fresh and clean for weeks after washing and my clothes are soft and static free.

It smells amazing & your clothes stay fresh between loads. I have it 4 stars because of the price.

I would give 5 stars but too expensive. Otherwise it smells amazing and gets the job done!

Laundry isn't my favorite past time, but when I use Downy it adds fun. Playing with scents, because they actually stick, and seeing my family respond to "scent therapy" is fantastic lol!

Downey Simply Pleasures is amazing. The smell last at least a week and it leaves my closets smelling wonderful. In fact, I feel happy when ever I use this product. Happy! Happy!

I purchased Downy simple pleasures from Von's . I hadn't used it before but I used regular Downy all the time. Being my frugal self I used a coupon and it was on sale so it made it even more desirable.i started using it right away , I live the smell and the laundry comes out so soft and luxurious . But the most surprising of all is my Daughter , and Granddaughters all noticed the scent and couldn't quit complimenting how much they loved getting under the covers that had been washed with Downy Simple Pleasures. My Grandaughters say they sleep sooooo much better with the Downy Simple Pleasures scent .

this stuff smells sooooo good!!!!!!! We love it!!!

This stuff smells sooo good! Even days, week after you wash your clothes, they still have a great scent to them. I love for my clothes to smell fresh and just washed, even a while after I've actually washed them!

I LOVE the smell, and for most people it's probably an awesome product. It definitely softens, but my skin is so incredibly sensitive and I did break out after using it. I would still recommend this to people who aren't sensitive to detergents but unfortunately it wasn't for me.

I am a Downy mom. I love it. Lavender is my favorite. I like that the smell lasts on my bedding.

Wonderful softener without being too strong. The scent lasts quite a while too. Love downy.