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Amazon wholehearted endorsement I absolutely love Amazon and it's my first choice for getting the products I need!

Packages come late or doesn't come at all. The. They issue you a promo.

Great shopping venue! I love Amazon and use it on a regular basis! We have purchased everything there, from gifts for friends and family to wicker furniture for our back yard!

Love...Love...Love I absolutely love Amazon! I mean... what isn't to love about it? Has everything! I have never had a problem. Always get what I buy. Always get what my husband buys under my name (hahaha). Never have an issue if something needs to be returned. Prime Video, Music, Pantry ect... If you don't love it, then clearly you have never used it!

Goliath vs. Independent Stores? Hard to deny Amazon's success, but I can't help but be really concerned for all the other small businesses in our communities that are closing because shopping local is no longer something people prioritize. I'm also concerned that Amazon has replicated Walmart's buyers' methods of forcing manufacturers into really harmful scenarios where they have to meet Amazon's price or go out of business. Has it become a Goliath that will take down independent stores? I'm hopeful that's not the case.

Great place to shop My family would be lost without Amazon and their abundance of products and fast delivery. We order from Amazon several times a week. We depend on Amazon for gifts, household goods, food, name it!

Great gift! The perfect place to get a gift card for someone who you don't know how to shop for.

Great place to shop Amazon is absolutely! Everything I would want and need they have and at reasonable prices. I'm always on their site looking around and buying what is need especially for Christmas. I have been a prime member for years and never had any issues. Amazon is highly recommended if nobody has tried them yet.

A life savior Amazon is absolutely amazing!! It has definitely been a life savior since the pandemic! I have done so much shopping on there in the last couple of months and have nothing bad to say! Shipping is fast! The website is easy to navigate! I absolutely love it!

Ingenious I love Amazon. It's the place to shop from plain things to unique things. Give it a try.

Must Shop One Stop I must admit -- I shop on the Amazon website almost daily. I've found countless products and services (household items, music, movies, etc) and I'm an Amazon Prime member, too. Saving money on shipping is very helpful and makes it easy to order and receive what I want quickly. Product quality is always good, too. I seldom have any complaints about what I buy there. I would only caution them to be more careful with packaging.

Love it! Amazon is the best! You can find anything and everything your looking for! We became prime members and it definitely was worth it considering how much we order during the year! It's so nice to be able to place in order and not have to pay for shipping and have your order within 2 days! Not to mention the prices can't be beat! Just can't beat the convenience!

love it is the website that have everything. Prices are amazing and prime shipping so, packages will be at your home in 2 days!

Amazon shopping I love shopping on Amazon, especially with Prime. Returns are easy and shipping is always quick. Best place to shop during this pandemic!

Good Place to Shop I can usually find what I need at this online store. There are a lot of options. But sometimes items can be a lot more here than at a brick and mortar store. Overall this is a good place to shop.