Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

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I have used this with all three of my children and they all loved it. They were able to look around without laying down. They also fit in it very easily. I loved bringing it to people's house to use as a chair to feed in. It is very light weight.

I purchased this when my son was three months. He didn't officially start using it until her was 4 months. His chubby little thighs were a pain to take him out of this chair, but he loved using it. I never bought the tray. Some people do because it helps with feeding time. I love this product because it's lightweight and great for traveling, even if it's to the beach! :)

Very useful!! I will use this for all my babies :)

I loved this seat for my son, it made it so handy to get stuff done and be able to have him there with me!

My Niece is Expecting in April & I'm already buying LOTS of Stuff!! This is on my "To Get List" I think that Development is important & should be ample for whenever the Infant & or Toddler seems ready to try.

I think the bumbos are great! My daughter loved hers and it helped her sit!

perfect for my 2 yr old.

This helps a lot to teach my baby how to sit up everyone who has a baby needs one

Easy on the go highchair or play chair when my son was lttle this went everywhere with us

Great seat. Helps the kids sit up well and the support and comfort overall is wonderful.

I used the Bumbo for both of my kids and loved it! I would set them on my table and feed them while we ate at the table. The high chair would swallow them up because they were so tiny and the Bumbo work. It cleaned up wonderful where all you need is a wet wipe and just wipe it up. I also used it while I was cooking, doing laundry or needing the girls to site, give them toys and they were happy. I would place them on my island where I was. It was a great support for them to gain the strength to sit up on their own. Love you Bumbo!

Donīt like it at all

We received one of these for our daughter as a baby shower gift. So easy as a portable baby high chair.

I have three children and our youngest used the Bumbo seat. It is absolutely fantastic! I wish it had been around with our other two children!! My youngest loved his Bumbo seat. We fed him in it, let him play in it, and took it outside for him to watch the world go by with us. I feel like our child was made so much stronger using it. He was so much happier when he could sit up and interact with us.

A great seat for babies over two months. Helps them learn to hold themselves up. Do not leave baby unattended though and make sure you have the new belt Bumbo or contact the company and theyll send you the kit to update yours for free.