Schick Intuition Plus Razor

Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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I have always been cut up by razors and confused because I couldn't find one that didn't either cut me or give me razor burn. I started used my fiances razor which is a Gilette Fusion, and it worked well enough, but still gave me razor burn occasionally. But when I purchased this item, i knew i would never need another razor. Ever. I shaved like crazy. My legs are never prickly. I love it.

I hate this razor. The head falls off. It doesn't get a close shave. I would rather use my husbands razor!

Love this razor. The refills are a little expensive. My daughter is using this one, with out fear, she is just learning to shave. The moisturizer always seems to run out before the razor gets dull. Didn't like the wall holder, the razor kept falling.

Absolutely amazing razor the first few uses. The only problem I have with it is that the soap part wears away so fast and it really doesn't work without that soap. But if you don't mind getting a new razor every few days, it is perfect!

Its a great razor but after 3 uses you have to throw it away or it causes in-grown hairs...OUCH!

This is the BEST razor on the market. Not only do I get a close shave, I don't have to apply shaving cream and it cuts my shaving time by more than half. That's important to me in my busy life. I also love that I don't get little irritations on my legs like I do with other razors. I love this so much.

I have been using these the last 2 weeks and I like the built in strips but I still use shave prep and I find that they dont give a close shave and I have to shave again the next day. They are ok but I prob wont buy them again because of the fact that they dont give a close shave.

I find this razor very awkward to use. The "shaving cream" part of it is super clunky and I hate the fact you have to press down on it to get a close shave. I was still stubbly after using it and never really mastered the use of it even after 2 cartridges I still had stubble and razor burn. I have sensitive skin and the "sensitive skin" one still made my legs break out in hives. Hives and razor burn is not a great combo. I would only recommend this to someone who maybe has really fine hair and isn't looking for a super close shave but something to get by during the week.

I love this product! My skin feels so soft, and is so easy to shave. Great product!

Love it because its almost IMPOSSIBLE to cut yourself, but the heads are so expensive (i guess they add the cost of shaving cream) and run out VERY quickly! I also find it funny that the heads are more price wise, then buying a whole new razor with two heads!

Best razor ever only thing i have used for the past 5 years!