Schick Intuition Plus Razor

Schick Intuition Plus Razor

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Personally, I think this is a miracle product! I freakin love it! I buy the razors in bulk now off of Amazon. I can't tell you the last time I thought about shaving cream. It's great for legs, armpits as well as bikini line. If they ever stop making this razor, I'll be one Hairy Carrie...and my name's not even Carrie

I love this a close shave every time!!

This is my favorite razor! It moisturizes and seems gentler than others I have tried. It is expensive and used to come with one refill. The last one I bought did not come with the refill though and it was the same price!

Schick USA my favorite brands of razors. Everything else makes my legs itchy and super dry but with Schick I never have problems! Only razors I but now.

Good razors for anything and a good goodie bag treat.

These have been my go-to razors for years. As long as you shake the water out of the razor and put the cap back on the bar will last for a long time!

Is us the best razor if you want smooth skin, but it's expensive to keep purchasing the replacement razors...still recommend it!

Shick Intuition is my all time favorite razor! It's the only razor I'll use. I rarely cut myself with it and I love that you don't need to use shaving cream with it, I hate shaving cream. I would recommend this product to everyone!

Love this product....better than any shaver I have used. Glides well and fits good in your hand. You dont need any shaving cream with its built in moisturizer bars.

I have always been cut up by razors and confused because I couldn't find one that didn't either cut me or give me razor burn. I started used my fiances razor which is a Gilette Fusion, and it worked well enough, but still gave me razor burn occasionally. But when I purchased this item, i knew i would never need another razor. Ever. I shaved like crazy. My legs are never prickly. I love it.

I love this product! My skin feels so soft, and is so easy to shave. Great product!